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TV tonight: a striking series brings unheard D-day recordings to life
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TV tonight: a striking series brings unheard D-day recordings to life

D-Day: The Unheard Tapes

9pm, BBC Two

Using young actors who have been cast to resemble the soldiers telling their stories, this striking series features lip-synced audio recordings that bring together the perspectives of British, US, French and German soldiers as they lived through one of the most pivotal days of the 20th century. PH

Britain’s Got Talent: The Final

7.30pm, ITV1

Who will become the next BGT winner, following on from, erm, whoever won it last year and the year before that? They’ll be famous for a week, at least. Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and Bruno Tonioli are the judges helping the public to decide. Jack Seale

Secret France With Dick and Angel

8pm, Channel 4

Dick and Angel Strawbridge have now been in France for a decade, and the country pile which they renovated in Escape to the Chateau is now fully functional. In this new series, they venture further afield, exploring a few of their adopted country’s lesser known nooks and crannies. It’s not the most revelatory travelogue (in shock news, Marseille turns out to be “a real melting pot”) but they’re having a lovely, boozy time. Phil Harrison

The Responder

9pm, BBC One

As the season concludes, it seems Chris has fully gone over to the dark side and accepted his total immersion in Franny’s criminal world. But is he capable of the final betrayal? An unsettling masterpiece of sustained tension, with Martin Freeman as nuanced and devastating as ever in the lead. PH

The Piano

9pm, Channel 4

The train station auditions are over and now it’s time for rehearsals to begin. These amateur pianists have been hand selected by Mika and Lang Lang for their potential and pizzazz, but a last-minute lineup change threatens to shake their collective confidence – and with the final concert fast approaching, there’s no time for wobbles. Ellen E Jones

I Kissed a Girl

9pm, BBC Three

Dannii Minogue’s lusty masseria has been a hotbed of drama, and now it’s time for the girls to decide their futures. For a series that has been so full of warmth, tensions are starting to show, particularly as their families are flying in. The final kiss-off will have fans screaming at the injustice – and for another season. Hannah Verdier

Film choice

Bones and All, 10pm, BBC Two

Bones and All on BBC TwoView image in fullscreen

Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino reunites with that film’s breakout star, Timothée Chalamet, for this gripping gothic horror cum Badlands-style road movie romance. Taylor Russell plays a girl struggling with her inate cannibalistic impulses, who sets off to find her long-lost mother and get answers. Chalamet is an itinerant “eater” she falls for, while a chilling Mark Rylance steals the film as a creepy fellow traveller obsessed by her. As they pass through and/or destroy people’s lives, the desire for belonging and stability chafes against their outcast nature. Simon Wardell

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