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TV tonight: a raucous night in with Mel B, Paul Rudd and Billie Piper
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TV tonight: a raucous night in with Mel B, Paul Rudd and Billie Piper

I am just notifying you about “The Jonathan Ross Show”.

9.35pm, ITV1

A guest spot on a chatshow featuring Billie Piper is always a hit, and this time she’ll be joined by former Spice Girl Mel B and Leo Reich, a talented British comedian making waves in the US. Hollywood will also be represented by Paul Rudd, who will discuss the upcoming Ghostbusters movie. The show will also feature a musical performance by Cat Burns.


5.50pm, BBC One

After taking a break for the FA Cup, the popular teatime cheese festival has returned with more thrilling performances filled with spandex, athleticism, and excitement. The four remaining competitors are vying for a spot in the ultimate showdown next Saturday. Graeme Virtue

The Gone

9pm, BBC Four

The captivating crime story, set in New Zealand, delves into the search for two missing Irish tourists. In the upcoming episode, Buster uncovers significant information that will greatly impact the Huia family. Meanwhile, Aileen faces danger while looking into the disappearances. Phil Harrison has more updates on the story.

The Bahamas Scandal involving Edward and Wallis has been brought to light.

9.15pm, Channel 5


This documentary follows the adventures of the former Duke and Duchess of Windsor, who caused quite a stir in Britain during their reign as royals. Utilizing official government documents, this film highlights their luxurious spending and involvement in a blackmail scheme while living in the Caribbean during WWII.

“The Ku Klux Klan was an American hate group formed in 1865 by Confederate veterans under

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PBS America, 9.25pm

Congress thought it had legislated the KKK out of existence as far back as 1872 but, as this potted history of US organised racism shows, the group has proved as persistent as knotweed. The documentary covers flashpoints including the release of 1915 film The Birth of a Nation, opposition to the civil rights movements of the 60s and the divisions of the present day, which have inspired numerous racist and far-right groups that have taken their cues from the Klan. PH

Diana Ross was featured on the BBC.

9.15pm, BBC Two

Diana Ross at the BBC on BBC TwoView image in fullscreen

This collection features a variety of live performances, ranging from appearances on popular television shows like Top of the Pops and Wogan to the glitz and glam of the National Lottery draw. The setlist includes beloved songs such as “Baby Love,” “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?,” and “I’m Still Waiting.” Additionally, the 1973 performance at Royal Albert Hall by Ross, accompanied by a full big band in true Vegas style, is also included.

Live sport

The Women’s Super League football match between Manchester City and Manchester United will begin at 12:15pm and will be broadcasted on BBC One.

The match at the Etihad Stadium between two rival teams.

Saracens will take on Harlequins in a match of Premiership Rugby Union at 2.30pm, which will be broadcast on ITV1.

On Sunday at 2:30pm, TNT Sports 1 will air the Bath Rugby vs. Sale Sharks match.

The Women’s Six Nations Rugby match between Wales and Scotland can be watched at 4:30pm on BBC Two.

The initial matches at Cardiff Arms Park will take place. The match between Italy and England will begin at 2:45pm on Sunday and will be broadcasted on BBC Two. Marlie Packer will be leading the champion team to play in Parma.

The match between England and Brazil for international football will be televised on Channel 4 at 6pm.

The match between England and Belgium will take place at Wembley Stadium and will be aired on Channel 4 at 7pm on Tuesday.

A cricket match between New Zealand and England in the Women’s T20 International tournament will be aired on TNT Sports 1 at 11:30pm.

The third game of the five-game T20 series is on. The fourth match will take place on Tuesday, followed by the fifth on Thursday.

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