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TV tonight: a heart-wrenching drama about a gay couple’s adoption journey
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TV tonight: a heart-wrenching drama about a gay couple’s adoption journey

Lost Boys & Fairies

9pm, BBC One
Adoption is a long, hard road for most people who try it. For a same-sex couple, one of whom is barely concealing some deep trauma, it is longer and harder still. Daf James’s revelatory and loosely autobiographical drama follows Sion Daniel Young’s performance artist, Gabriel, and his partner, an accountant called Andy (Fra Fee), as they start the process. It is funny, emotionally acute and at times heart-wrenching – particularly when they arrive at an activity day and are presented with a brochure of children, each innocent face hiding a tragic story. It soon becomes clear that the process represents a complete, skeleton-revealing personality audit, with the highest stakes imaginable. Phil Harrison

Football Cops

10pm, Channel 4
It is often assumed that football violence is a thing of the past, but this four-parter shows that the UK’s Football Policing Unit are still kept busy. Filmed across the 2022-23 season, it follows officers as they try to keep rival fans apart. Expect punch-ups, pyro action and an unpleasant incident with some metal barriers. PH

Panorama: The Missing Cryptoqueen – Dead Or Alive?

8pm, BBC One

Ruja Ignatova photographed in 2016View image in fullscreen

The Bulgarian-German fraudster Ruja Ignatova has been on the run since 2017, when her OneCoin cryptocurrency scheme imploded. Since then, the mystery surrounding her case has only deepened. Has she, as rumoured, been murdered by a narco boss living in Dubai? If so, why are the FBI operating under the assumption that she is still alive? Ellen E Jones

Love Island

9pm, ITV1
The glossy reality show’s ratings may be dwindling, but it is back for an 11th series of sexy, sunburnt, villa-based action. There is £50,000 on the table for the winner, but it’s all about the friends the contestants make along the way … or not. Maya Jama presents. PH

Vasa: The Ghost Ship

9pm, BBC Four
The sinking of a Swedish galleon on its maiden voyage in 1628 provokes a film that is several documentaries in one. We get historical analysis of Sweden in the 17th century, followed by an exciting wreckage-salvaging operation. Then, the discovery of human remains leads to some anthropological sleuthing. Jack Seale

The Sympathizer

9pm, Sky Atlantic
After the fall of Saigon, the focus shifts to Los Angeles in this slippery but stylish adaptation of the Pulitzer-winning novel about a conflicted North Korean spy (Hoa Xuande) embedded with loyal South Korean expats. We also meet Japan-obsessed Prof Hammer, one of the many eccentric side characters played by Robert Downey Jr. Graeme Virtue

Live sport

Men’s international football: England v Bosnia & Herzegovina 7pm, Channel 4. A friendly at St James’ Park.

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