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Travel companions for All the Light We Cannot See: the top seven recommended shows to watch this week.

Fellow Travelers

During the time of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s efforts to remove communists from American society, there was a prevalent feeling of fear, mistrust, and secrecy. This well-crafted story delves into what could be considered the most dangerous secret of all during this time – a romantic relationship between two men. Matt Bomer portrays Hawkins Fuller, a political strategist who can be warm and charming when necessary, but also cold and calculating when the situation calls for it. When he meets Tim Laughlin (played by Jonathan Bailey), a dedicated Republican operative, their chemistry is undeniable. Can their partnership survive in a society that condemns their love? As readers of Thomas Mallon’s book will know, the answer is yes. Spanning over the course of several decades, their relationship endures both triumphs and tragedies, including societal progress, the rise of disco, and the devastating impact of the Aids epidemic.

Paramount+ will be available starting Saturday, October 28th, 2018.

The Lions of Sicily

Vinicio Marchioni and Eduardo Scarpetta in The Lions of Sicily.

A beautiful and radiant historical drama taking place in 19th-century Italy, based on Stefania Auci’s book The Florios of Sicily. Two siblings, Paolo and Ignazio, make the decision to relocate from Calabria to the bustling city of Sicily. They establish a successful spice company and quickly build an economic dynasty. However, with the arrival of the strong-willed Giulia, conflicts arise and the family is torn apart as rivals emerge and the topic of inheritance becomes a pressing issue. The production is visually stunning, well-executed, and never lacks in extravagance.
Disney+ , out now

Castaway Diva

Park Eun-bin in Castaway Diva.

The premise of this new Korean series is quite unusual and random. The main character, Seo Mok-ha, is a rural girl with aspirations of becoming a K-pop star. However, she unexpectedly ends up stranded on an uninhabited island for 15 years. It is difficult to comprehend this turn of events, but eventually Seo makes her way to the city. Despite her apparent lack of talent, she is met with unexpected opportunities and doors opening for her. Park Eun-bin delivers a charming performance as the lead, anchoring the eccentric storyline.
Netflix, out now

The Search for Instagram’s Worst Con Artist

Belle Gibson.

Many individuals would be cautious of a 21-year-old social media influencer who professed to have successfully treated their own brain tumor. However, when people are desperate, they can be easily manipulated – and for Belle Gibson, her claim proved to be lucrative. It landed her a book deal and a large following on Instagram, all based on her supposed rejection of chemotherapy in favor of a miraculous wellness routine. The only issue? Gibson had never actually had cancer. This film delves into the matter and considers Gibson’s intentions.

The show “ITVX” will air on Thursday, November 2 at 10:00 PM.

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“We cannot see all the light that exists around us.”

Aria Mia Loberti in All the Light We Cannot See.

During the year 1941, in the war-torn and famished town of Saint-Malo, France, a visually impaired woman uses a radio broadcast to share excerpts from Jules Verne’s novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Amidst a battle to protect her from the Germans, one soldier, Werner, who possesses incredible skills with shortwave radios, becomes enamored with her readings. Based on Anthony Doerr’s award-winning book, this expansive series featuring Aria Mia Loberti and Mark Ruffalo has a slow but elegant and foreboding pace as the horrors of war threaten human fragility.

Starting on November 2, 2017, Netflix will be available.

Blue Eye Samurai

Blue Eye Samurai.

According to the law, men are allowed to seek revenge, but women must be more practical. This is the guidance given to Mizu, a samurai warrior, as she plans to avenge her mother’s fate. Her mother was kidnapped and raped by white men before giving birth to Mizu. Despite this advice, Mizu chooses to ignore it. The resulting story is a visually powerful and intense animation that delves into issues of race and gender identity. Throughout her journey, Mizu must hide both her gender and ethnicity in order to carry out her mission. The film features a talented voice cast, including Maya Erskine, Stephanie Hsu, and George Takei.

On November 3rd, 2016, Netflix was available.


Heroes welcome … Invincible.

Mark Grayson is afraid of becoming like his father, who was a powerful superhero named Omni-Man. Mark’s anxiety is made more complicated by the fact that his father was not as heroic as he had imagined. As Mark begins to develop his own powers, he must confront his family’s legacy. The second season of this animated series, based on the comic book by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley, follows Mark as he navigates a coming-of-age story. After his father’s betrayal in the previous season, Mark is no longer naive and is determined to move beyond his father’s shadow.
, Prime Video

On Friday, November 3rd, the Prime Video service will be available.

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