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Top podcasts this week: The enigmatic story of the soldier and the socialite
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Top podcasts this week: The enigmatic story of the soldier and the socialite


Top selections of the week:

The Traitors: Uncloaked

You can access this content on BBC Sounds and view it after each episode airs on BBC Two and iPlayer.
As we all settle down to watch the second series of Claudia Winkleman’s backstabbing smash (below), there is an accompanying visualised podcast, hosted by comedian and presenter Ed Gamble, that will take fans deeper into the castle with dissection of the episodes and exclusive access to the banished and murdered players. As soon as viewers have finished with their latest fix of the show, they’ll be able to join Ed, cast members and celebrity guests for analysis and reaction to the latest betrayals, mind games and manipulations. HR

White Devil
to Fri

Episodes are released every week from Monday to Friday and can be easily accessed.

A gun is fired and a high-ranking officer is discovered deceased with a gunshot wound inflicted by his own weapon. The only individual present at the scene is Jasmine Hartin, a wealthy socialite (pictured above). If this bizarre crime tale set in Belize wasn’t strange enough, Hartin also happens to be the ex-daughter-in-law of Lord Ashcroft, a prominent member of the Tory party whose biography of David Cameron included a controversial claim about pig sex. This investigation delves into a puzzling case that will leave you scratching your head.

The cast of The Traitors.

The Queen’s Reading Room
Widely available, from Mon

The reading charity podcast hosted by Queen Camilla features a star-studded lineup of authors discussing their passion for literature. In the first episode, Ian Rankin discusses how Jilly Cooper’s writing never fails to uplift him, reminisces about his childhood love for Dandy and Beano comics, and recounts his thrill at having Keith Richards sign an autobiography for him. Queen Camilla also shares her insights on classic novels.

An American Scandoval

All episodes are now available on Spotify.
When it comes to reality TV scandals, they don’t come much more exploitable and salacious than Vanderpump Rules’s Tom Sandoval cheating on Ariana Madix with Rachel Leviss. The Ringer’s Jodi Walker basks in all the brazen details in this three-part podcast that’s ripe for bingeing, even if you have no idea who the main characters are. Hannah Verdier


Easily accessible, new episodes released every week.

In 2010, an explosion on a BP oil rig near the US coast had devastating effects on the local wildlife and inhabitants of the Gulf Coast. Despite being declared safe a few months later, host Dan Leone uncovers a different narrative, revealing the long-term repercussions for the team involved in the clean-up effort. HVV

There is a podcast available for that.

Jameela Jamil, host of I Weigh.

Feeling down in January? Check out five top podcasts personally recommended by Ella Braidwood to help you navigate through the winter blues.

Tips for Unsuccessful Outcomes with Elizabeth Day

After three years since her divorce, journalist Elizabeth Day decided to sell her wedding dress on eBay. With the profit earned, she funded the first few episodes of her podcast. Titled “How to Fail,” the podcast was launched in 2018 and features Day interviewing successful individuals such as activists and politicians. The focus of the podcast is on what these guests have learned from their failures. Each episode highlights three failures from the guest’s life, ranging from personal relationships to academic struggles. Some notable guests include Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Greta Thunberg, Elliot Page, Craig David, Tom Daley, and Dame Kelly Holmes. Day also shares her own experiences and encourages listeners to view their failures as potential opportunities for growth.

Experience improved health and overall well-being with the guidance of Dr. Rangan Chatterjee.
BBC Breakfast’s former resident doctor Rangan Chatterjee seeks to simplify the way we approach health. In his podcast, Chatterjee interviews leading doctors, health experts, writers and celebrities for their innovative health tips. Episodes range from the practical, such as how to improve your sleep or decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s, to the inspirational: for example, when Holocaust survivor Dr Edith Eger powerfully talks about forgiveness, despite the horrors she was subjected to. Past guests have also included entrepreneur Mo Gawdat, fitness guru Joe Wicks, and psychotherapist Julia Samuel.

Happy Place

Presented by Fearne Cotton, Happy Place features guests reflecting on their lives and their personal definitions of happiness. The podcast includes a range of episodes, such as Brené Brown’s discussion on the contrast between guilt and shame, Roman Kemp’s exploration of grief following the loss of his best friend to suicide, and Rick Astley’s reflections on his decision to leave the music industry at age 27 despite his global fame. As the host, Cotton creates a comfortable and relatable atmosphere, sharing her own insights and encouraging guests to open up about their own journeys.

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Jay Shetty’s show, “On Purpose,” is a popular podcast that focuses on personal growth and self-development.

Jay Shetty hosts a well-known podcast called “On Purpose,” which centers on personal growth and self-improvement.

Jay Shetty’s podcast, which started in 2019, has gained a large audience. It was downloaded over 50 million times in its first year. The podcast usually features Shetty interviewing a guest and discussing life lessons such as setting boundaries and overcoming generational trauma. In some episodes, Shetty gives practical tips on topics like building deeper connections with others and having a healthier relationship with social media. The show has featured many famous guests, including Tom Holland discussing social anxiety, Kim Kardashian talking about parenting, and US President Joe Biden sharing his experience with grief.

I am being weighed by Jameela Jamil.

January marks a time for fresh starts, but it can also bring feelings of shame about our physical appearance due to the constant bombardment of diet-related messages. In response to a trend of female celebrities publicly sharing their weight on Instagram, actor and TV host Jameela Jamil founded the I Weigh community. This online space aims to be a welcoming and inclusive environment on social media. In her podcast, Jamil interviews guests who challenge societal expectations, with a focus on mental health topics. The show features a diverse range of guests, such as comedian Katherine Ryan, transgender rights activist Munroe Bergdorf, and author Matt Haig.

Why not try …

  • Angel Bliss documents her comical experiences with online dating in Los Angeles in Accidentally Milf, following her divorce and the passing of her former spouse, musician Paul Ryder.

  • Ben Goldsmith, a conservationist and financier, encourages Europeans to accept the idea of coexisting with top predators like bears and wolves in his book Rewilding the World.

  • The documentary American Scandal: Kids for Cash delves into the story of two judges in Pennsylvania who received bribes in return for sending a large number of young offenders to detention facilities, even when probation or a less severe punishment would have sufficed.

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