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Top podcasts of the week: How the hack of the Ashley Madison dating site affected people's relationships and lives.
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Top podcasts of the week: How the hack of the Ashley Madison dating site affected people’s relationships and lives.

Picks of the week

The Godmother

Available to a large audience, new episodes released every week.

In her most recent podcast, Nichole Perkins takes us back to 1936 New York where notorious mobster Lucky Luciano is facing trial. However, there is a more fascinating narrative unfolding behind the scenes: that of lawyer Eunice Carter. As the first Black woman to serve as a prosecutor in America, Carter is often referred to as “the spark that started the fire”. It is high time that she receives recognition for her role. Perkins offers insight into the no-nonsense lawyer who led the prosecution against Luciano, but was unfortunately overshadowed and suppressed due to societal norms of the era.

Understanding Social Housing


Tortoise Media releases new episodes every Wednesday on a weekly basis.

In this frustrating series that delves into the housing crisis, a housing organization reports that individuals with low income who apply for affordable housing may have to wait 8 to 10 years on a waiting list with 800 other applicants. Jeevan Vasagar interviews individuals who depend on social housing and those who are involved in the system, revealing the severity of the situation. Hollie Richardson

Oona Chaplin, host of Hollywood Exiles.

Hollywood Exiles

New episodes of BBC Sounds are released on a weekly basis.

Oona Chaplin, known for her role in Game of Thrones, is the host of a podcast that explores the story of her grandfather Charlie’s exile from Hollywood during the anti-communist movement. Despite starting from humble beginnings in a Lambeth workhouse, Chaplin achieved the American dream by becoming a Hollywood studio owner. However, his success was cut short when the FBI targeted him. HVH

The spirit within the mechanism.

Episodes are released on a weekly basis and are easily accessible.
em 19-yr-old Belgian cyclist Femke Van den Driessche wsa found to have motor in her bike, it created a stir. But was she cheating or a victim? Chris Marshall-Bell recounts the strange story with passion, detailing death threats, outrageous accusations involving drugged pigeons, and frustration from other racers.

Revealed: The Breach of Ashley Madison’s Security

Easily accessible, every episode released on Wednesday.
hen the infidelity website Ashley Madison was breached, individuals who engaged in extramarital affairs were shocked and dismayed by the revelation of their private information and preferences. This program recounts the intricate hack with compassion and even a touch of love, as members share their experiences of forming relationships and experiencing fear upon facing ethical criticism.

There is a podcast available for that.

Phoebe Robinson (left) and Jessica Williams in 2019.

Hannah Verdier has selected five podcasts that came to an end prematurely for her top picks this week. These include Starlee Kine’s intriguing and unique investigations, as well as a hilarious masterpiece from Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams.

Mystery Show

Starlee Kine’s unique and unconventional investigations provided a refreshing change from the abundance of true crime podcasts in 2015. Kine’s storytelling skills were exceptional, but unfortunately the podcast came to an end after only six delightful episodes, citing unspecified “business reasons” from Gimlet. Despite its short run, the season tackled thought-provoking questions ranging from the height of Jake Gyllenhaal to the curious appearance of Britney Spears holding a little-known self-help book by Andrea Seigel. Alongside these mysteries, Kine also delved into a cherished belt buckle, a vanishing video store, and the quest for a missing lunchbox.

The Butterfly Effect

Jon Ronson’s brief exploration of the world of free pornography was limited to one season, however, it delicately chronicled its growth without resorting to sensationalism. In each episode, which lasted only three minutes, Ronson follows Fabian Thylmann’s evolution from a young entrepreneur to the leader in online adult streaming. With unrestricted access to Thylmann’s work, Ronson delves into the consequences of the widespread availability of porn, its detrimental effects on the performers who rely on the industry, and the role of technology in its evolution. As the industry has evolved even further since 2017, a new season would be greatly appreciated.

First Day Back

The podcast hosted by Tally Abecassis, which delves into the experiences of individuals overcoming difficult periods in their lives, was aired for three consecutive seasons. Despite its straightforward concept, the featured stories cover a wide range of topics. The podcast begins with Abecassis sharing her own challenges of returning to work after having a child, touching upon themes of gender norms and the influence of Patti Smith. The second season centers on Lucie Paquette, who spent seven years in prison for the manslaughter of her partner. The final season centers on Baltimore comedian Jason Weems, who suffered a life-threatening asthma attack while performing on stage – a truly gripping tale.

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2 Dope Queens
Ground breaking BFF podcasters Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams (above) brought their frankly dope style to the medium in the days when it was mostly just gentle-voiced beardy white men talking about stuff. Sadly, they became too popular, thanks to funny and honest discussions with guests including Queen Latifah, Michelle Obama and Tig Notaro. HBO specials and too many new projects beckoned, but their musings on boob sweat, Richard Gere and how many times it’s possible to watch Purple Rain are still out there and never forgotten.

A Very Fatal Murder

In 2018, satirical news organization Onion Public Radio (OPR) cleverly parodied the trend of true crime podcasts focusing on small-town murders. With their series, OPR posed the question, “What makes a murder so captivating that it deserves its own podcast?” Through their short and cleverly crafted episodes, the show mocked the public’s fascination with cold cases, particularly those involving attractive young women that are easily sensationalized. The deadpan delivery may lead casual listeners to mistake it for a serious true crime podcast like Serial, but it only lasted for six episodes.

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