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"Top picks for your TV this week: Barbie and Trainspotting are among the must-watch films"
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“Top picks for your TV this week: Barbie and Trainspotting are among the must-watch films”

Selection of the week


Last year’s top movie is also arguably the most intelligent. Director Greta Gerwig and co-writer Noah Baumbach have successfully created a high-budget film, approved by Mattel, that offers a critical look at a toy that has become a source of criticism for feminists. However, the film also celebrates the doll’s simple positivity and independent nature. Margot Robbie portrays Barbie with the perfect amount of perkiness, living in a pink fantasy world with her faithful partner Ken (Ryan Gosling). But when an existential crisis hits, they are transported to the real world where a concept known as the patriarchy rules. With lively musical scenes and clever humor, this movie has its cake and eats it too, then asks for seconds.

On Friday, March 29th, the movie “Sky Cinema Premiere” will be available at 11:40 AM and 8 PM.

When Harry Met Sally

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.

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“I would like the same thing that she is having.” A clever line from writer Nora Ephron (spoken by director Rob Reiner’s mother) is just one of the many highlights in this classic romantic comedy. The characters Harry (played by Billy Crystal) and Sally (played by Meg Ryan) meet as college students during a carpool from Chicago to New York. Over the next ten years, they struggle with the question of whether men and women can truly be friends, or if romantic feelings will always get in the way. Regardless of which side of the argument you fall on, it is incredibly entertaining to see the couple grow closer and then pull apart, always hesitant to risk their friendship for the chance at love.

On Sunday, March 24th at 10:30pm, tune in to BBC One.


Jonny Lee Miller, Ewan McGregor, Kevin McKidd and Ewen Bremner.View image in fullscreen

Based on Irvine Welsh’s novel, Danny Boyle’s energetic film showcases a group of heroin users in Edinburgh. Ewan McGregor plays Renton, who leads us through their comically painful and chaotic lives. These include trouble-making, senseless violence from Begbie (played terrifyingly by Robert Carlyle), and intense drug experiences. With a fantastic soundtrack and Boyle’s clever use of visuals, this movie strikes a perfect balance between terror and comedy.

On Thursday, March 28th at 10:45pm, Film4.

The Beautiful Game

Micheal Ward in The Beautiful Game.View image in fullscreen

Thea Sharrock, fresh off her success with Her Wicked Little Letters in theaters, has another offbeat comedy in the works. This film is also inspired by a true story, focusing on the Homeless World Cup. Bill Nighy delivers his trademark wry humor as Mal, the manager of the English team – a group of young men with troubled pasts – as they prepare for the upcoming tournament in Rome. Mal’s secret weapon is Vinny (Micheal Ward), a former potential pro now consumed by bitterness. While the film lightly touches on social issues, the message of unity is strong and clear.
Friday 29 March, Netflix

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The Robe

Jean Simmons and Richard Burton in The Robe.

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The ethereal melodies that ring out at the beginning indicate that we’re in biblical context. However, Henry Koster’s grand tale of swords and sandals avoids focusing on Jesus (who is only glimpsed from afar or not shown on screen) to recount the origins of Christianity through the experiences of Roman tribune Marcellus (Richard Burton). Sent to Jerusalem, Marcellus has a spiritual awakening after touching Christ’s garment and, with the help of Greek slave Demetrius (Victor Mature), speaks out against the oppression of the Empire against the believers of the new faith.
on Monday:

On Monday at 9:20 am, BBC Two will air on Friday, March 29th.

Kung Fu Panda

Jack Black’s Po in Kung Fu Panda.View image in fullscreen

The fourth part will be coming out this week and coincidentally, the initial 2008 cartoon is making an appearance on our televisions. This is an enjoyable journey for the entire family, complete with adorable animals and mild violence. Po, a young panda, is voiced by Jack Black. He toils away at his father’s noodle eatery but has aspirations of becoming a martial artist. Out of nowhere, he is designated as the Dragon Warrior, a legendary warrior with incredible abilities who is expected to rescue the town from the wrath of Tai Lung, an enraged snow leopard portrayed by Ian McShane. Unfortunately, Po is overweight, out of shape, and clumsy – yet he is determined to obtain a rice ball at any cost…

On Friday March 29th, at half past noon, tune in to Channel 4.


Kevin Bacon in Footloose.

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In the 1984 drama by Herbert Ross, the film belongs to a time period where movies (such as Flashdance and Top Gun) had musical elements without explicitly being categorized as musicals. The film’s soundtrack primarily consists of popular songs such as “Holding Out for a Hero,” “Let’s Hear It for the Boy,” and “Footloose,” and serves as a foundation for the plot of a small town that has banned rock’n’roll and dancing. The teenage characters, particularly newcomer Ren (played by Kevin Bacon), defy their parents through choreographed dancing and small acts of rebellion.

On the early morning of March 29th, a Friday, Channel 4 will be airing at 2am.

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