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Top picks for podcasts this week: The cast of Curb Your Enthusiasm take on a 120-episode journey of awkwardness.
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Top picks for podcasts this week: The cast of Curb Your Enthusiasm take on a 120-episode journey of awkwardness.

Top choices of the week

Late Fragments

Easily accessible, new episodes every week.

This insightful and contemplative series features discussions with people in their eighties about topics such as politics, religion, sex, and money. Past guests have included Neil Kinnock, Miriam Margolyes, and Prue Leith. The newest episode features a diverse conversation with humanitarian Terry Waite, covering topics such as homelessness, finances, and Waite’s experience spending five years in captivity, completely isolated and bound. Hosted by Alexi Duggins.

Drink Champs

Easily accessible, new episodes released on a weekly basis.

If you only have a short amount of time to spare, the most recent episodes of this wild and booze-filled series may not be suitable for you. However, if you can dedicate more than three hours to it, you’ll be treated to engaging discussions between hip-hop MC Nore and DJ EFN and notable figures such as Grandmaster Flash and Ludacris (featured below). It’s a fun and entertaining trip back to the golden age of hip-hop.

Ludacris, a guest on Drink Champs.

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Rephrasing: The True Importance of Black History

Episodes are released on a weekly basis and are easily accessible.

Franchesca Ramsey and Conscious Lee delve into the often overlooked influencers of Black culture, featuring thought-provoking discussions in their captivating debut episode. The spotlight is on the women of the Black Panther party, specifically Assata Shakur, who faced persecution from the FBI but maintains her innocence. Hannah Verdier

The Hidden 20%

Easily accessible, released on a weekly basis.

Individuals with neurodivergent thoughts possess a unique level of creativity, as demonstrated by entrepreneur Ben Branson, who was diagnosed with autism and ADHD in adulthood. Branson is now using his platform to challenge societal perceptions of the 20% of individuals who do not fall into the neurotypical category. The podcast features guests such as actor Kit Harington, vocal coach Carrie Grant, and athlete Adelle Tracey, who share their insights on this topic. HV

The History of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Available for everyone, new episodes every week.

It has been 23 years since the last season of Curb aired, and now two of its actors, Jeff Garlin and Susie Essman, are marking the occasion with a podcast that revisits the beginning. The first episode even features Larry David discussing the show’s development before the pilot. A must-listen for dedicated fans.

There is a podcast available for that topic.

Mary Robinson, host of Mothers of Invention.View image in fullscreen

This week, Nyima Jobe handpicks five top podcasts discussing the climate crisis. These cover topics such as personal actions to combat the crisis and its effects on indigenous populations.


Amy Westervelt, a renowned investigative reporter, delves into the urgent matters surrounding the climate emergency. These include the discovery of more oil reserves in Namibia and a specific period of time devoted to the oil boom in Guyana, which has caused financial turmoil for ordinary citizens and contributed to the rise in sea levels. Amy uncovers the intricacies that arise when a nation is confronted with the dual challenges of climate change and poverty.

Mothers of Invention

During this engaging podcast, Mary Robinson, the first female president of Ireland, joins comedian Maeve Higgins and series producer Thimali Kodikara as they discuss the climate crisis. This all-female lineup emphasizes the role of men in contributing to the problem and showcases the efforts of heroic women from marginalized communities. The show also highlights the concerns of young people regarding the impact of the climate crisis on their future. Various guests, including climate activist Daiara Tukano and US senator Bernie Sanders, share their perspectives on the issue.

Climate Curious

If you are unsure and unprepared to talk about the climate crisis and how it could affect your life, this TEDxLondon podcast, hosted by Maryam Pasha and Ben Hurst, is an ideal resource for learning. The podcast breaks down complex climate terminology, delves into important issues with interviews from experts, and in a recent episode celebrating Pride, examines queer ecology and highlights the concept of intersex birds and “gender-shifting fish”.

Climate of Change

Although it does not have a large collection of episodes, Climate of Change provides a concise and enjoyable listening experience with its six available episodes. The podcast features Hollywood veteran Cate Blanchett and “clean energy economy” entrepreneur Danny Kennedy as well as guests such as Prince William, fashion activist Livia Firth, and Don’t Look Up director Adam McKay. Despite discussing the urgent issues facing our planet, the podcast maintains a positive tone and offers valuable insights into the important efforts being made.

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Good Together

Laura Alexander Wittig, a sustainability expert, hosts this podcast that provides listeners with resources to help combat the climate crisis. Each week, you will gain knowledge about terms such as “circular economy” and find useful advice for implementing eco-friendly habits into your daily routine. Wittig discusses various topics, including sustainable spring cleaning and the effects of streaming services on the environment. If you are motivated to make a difference, this podcast will inspire you to tap into your inner climate hero.

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  • ReCollections guides you through Canada, from a Norse settlement in Newfoundland during the Viking age to a revered Haida village site in Gwaii Haanas. Each episode delves into different locations and tales, providing insight into a complex history.

  • Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Esyllt Sears, both comedians, explore Wales by trying out local cuisine and beverages, visiting popular tourist spots, and interviewing native individuals for their podcast, Pod of Wales.

  • In his book, No Small Endeavor, Lee C. Camp, a theologian and professor, explores the components of a fulfilling life through conversations with individuals such as actor Martin Sheen.

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