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"Top 7 Picks for Streaming This Week: From the 3 Body Problem to Physical 100."
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“Top 7 Picks for Streaming This Week: From the 3 Body Problem to Physical 100.”

Selection of the week

3 Body Problem

“Has the vastness of the universe ever given you a knowing look?” This question is posed to distressed theoretical physicist Auggie Salazar (played by Eiza González), and is at the core of an enthralling and complex drama that blurs the lines between a thrilling crime story and an exploration of the mysteries of the cosmos. As expected from a story based on Liu Cixin’s novel, adapted by David Benioff and DB Weiss from Game of Thrones, and Alexander Woo from True Blood, 3 Body Problem is an ambitious and sprawling tale that weaves together the events of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, a death in a particle accelerator, and the looming possibility of an alien invasion. Its underlying themes of the suppression of truth and the unbreakable forces of the universe make for a subtly thought-provoking narrative.
Netflix, from Thursday 21 March

Physical 100

Physical 100.View image in fullscreen

Picture a sporty twist on Squid Game: The Challenge. Alternatively, a brutally dystopian adaptation of The World’s Strongest Man. This game show from Korea features 100 extraordinarily fit and fiercely competitive individuals who are taken to a massive underground shelter and put through intense physical competitions (such as lifting, pulling, running, and fighting), with harsh eliminations gradually narrowing down to one remaining player. While the structure may be predictable, the challenges themselves are creatively brutal, making the entire experience guiltily captivating.
, to Wednesday 20 March

On March 19th through March 20th, Netflix will be available.

Palm Royale

Palm Royale.

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Actress Kristen Wiig stars in the on-screen version of Juliet McDaniel’s 2018 book, “Mr & Mrs American Pie.” The story follows Maxine Simmons as she attempts to infiltrate high society in 1969 Palm Beach. Maxine’s journey to the top is quite literal at first – she physically climbs over a beach club wall. However, in the world she desires to enter, appearances reign supreme, insincerity is the norm, and flaunting wealth is a mask for underlying unhappiness. The show aspires to reach the same levels of wittiness and charm as “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” but falls short in the writing department, lacking the sharpness and depth needed to match its ambitious goal.
, Apple’s streaming film and TV

On Wednesday, March 20th, Apple’s streaming service for movies and TV shows, Apple TV+, will be available.

X-Men ’97

Marvel Animation’s X-MEN ‘97.

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This animation series by Marvel follows a group of mutant superheroes and continues the story from the 90s X-Men TV series. It pays tribute to the classic style of the original show, even referencing the days of checking TV listings. However, with the death of the founder and leader Professor X, there is no time for nostalgia. A new anti-mutant sentiment is rising and there is competition for leadership. The series features many of the original voice actors and maintains a familiar tone for longtime fans.
, will be

Starting on Wednesday, March 20, Disney+ will become

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Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal.

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An America after an apocalypse? A main character who is lost and given an impossible task? The basis of this thriller, derived from a video game, is not without typical elements. John Doe (played by Anthony Mackie) is our puzzled protagonist; while usually a milkman, he now uses his skills for prompt deliveries in a world of fortified cities and wandering groups. Quiet (portrayed by Stephanie Beatriz) is a mysterious figure who needs help delivering a cryptic package. She offers Doe protection, but only if he can survive a treacherous challenge. The show’s salvation lies in its willingness to embrace its own absurdity.
To reword the text, I cannot do so.

“Starting on March 21st, Paramount+ will be launching.”

Reworded: The supernatural girl who is my undead Yokai partner.

My Undead Yokai Girlfriend.View image in fullscreen

A blend of teenage drama and traditional Japanese folklore creates a twisted, fantastical love story set in Kyoto. Yokai, a narrative tradition in Japan, features ghosts, shapeshifters, and other supernatural beings. In this particular story, one such entity takes on the form of Izzy, a teenage girl who catches the attention of Tadashi, a lonely student. However, their relationship is far from simple as Izzy’s true mission is to seek revenge on a family for a past event that occurred fifty years ago.
Prime Video is available to all Prime members on Prime Video

Prime Video will be accessible to all Prime members starting Friday, March 22 on Prime Video.

Buying Beverly Hills

Buying Beverly Hills.View image in fullscreen

The world of constructed reality, helmed by Mauricio Umansky, is expanding with more emotional outbursts and over-the-top expressions. As we dive back into the family’s real estate business, it looks like this season will be more introspective following a major family conflict. This leads to struggles for Farrah, Alexia, and Sophia as they come to terms with the crumbling relationship between Mauricio and Kyle. Meanwhile, Mauricio tries to cope with his mental health issues caused by stress. But we can still expect to see some incredibly expensive properties in LA being bought and sold.
23:00 –
On Friday, March 22 at 11:00 PM, Netflix will be available.

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