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"Top 7 Must-Watch Shows This Week: From Shōgun to Dead Hot"
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“Top 7 Must-Watch Shows This Week: From Shōgun to Dead Hot”

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“At this moment, it is not advantageous to be a good man. The time calls for a strong leader, a Shōgun.” The year is 1600 and Japan is on the verge of a civil war. Different groups with their own interests are preparing for battle – family clans, religious beliefs, and European colonizers are among them. It will be a gruesome fight. However, this elaborate adaptation of James Clavell’s 1975 book takes its time. When the action does come, it is often grandiose, with tense negotiations giving way to perfectly coordinated displays of extreme violence. Actor and martial artist Hiroyuki Sanada plays the determined but besieged Lord Yoshii Toranaga, who must overcome rivals to gain control of Japan. Cosmo Jarvis also delivers an outstanding performance as the clever English adventurer John Blackthorne.

Disney Plus will be available starting Tuesday, February 27, 2020.

Dead Hot

Vivian Oparah and Bilal Hasna in Dead Hot.View image in fullscreen

In this comedy-drama set in Liverpool, there is a mix of love, grief, dismembered fingers, and dog grooming shops. Elliot and Jess, close friends, are both grieving the loss of Peter, who was Elliot’s partner and Jess’s brother. He disappeared five years ago and is believed to be dead. Elliot has found a new love interest, but is this person really who they appear to be? Meanwhile, Jess can’t stop searching on a DNA matching website in hopes of finding her brother. The tone of the story is unique, starting off cheerful and lively but becoming more somber and bizarre as the true emotions and fragility of the two main characters are revealed.

From March 1st, Prime Video.


Iwájú.View image in fullscreen

Kugali is a collective of comic-book writers and filmmakers that specialize in creating Afrofuturistic stories. Their latest project takes place in a future version of Lagos where society is divided and follows the story of Tola, a privileged young girl, and her best friend Kole, who is passionate about technology. Together, they embark on a journey to learn about each other’s lives in a visually stunning series filled with vibrant nightclubs, busy markets, and futuristic transportation. However, amidst the glitz and glamour, Tola also discovers the harsh realities of life in Nigeria.

On Wednesday, February 28, 2020, Disney+ will be available.

American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders

American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders.View image in fullscreen

We are currently in a time where conspiracy theories are abundant, but this true-crime show serves as a reminder that the United States had its fair share of them even before the new millennium. The show follows the case of journalist Danny Casolaro, who was found dead in a hotel bathtub while investigating a story in West Virginia. While his death was ruled a suicide, many believe there is more to the story. The “Octopus” that Casolaro was investigating was believed to be a secretive organization with influence throughout the American establishment. It is a fascinating case.

Starting February 28th, 2018, Netflix will…

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Reina Roja

Vicky Luengo in Reina Roja.View image in fullscreen

A brilliant but troubled detective teams up with an impulsive and resilient police officer, whose strength and compassion make up for his hot temper. Despite their clashes, they successfully complete their job. While the premise of this Spanish thriller may seem cliche, it still has potential to captivate fans of crime dramas such as The Bridge. Vicky Luengo plays Antonia Scott, an individual with a high IQ of 242 but minimal interpersonal skills, who is reluctantly partnered with Hovik Keuchkerian’s Jon Gutiérrez for a top-secret police mission. Will this unlikely duo be able to locate the kidnappers of Spain’s wealthiest man’s daughter?

Prime Video will be available starting Thursday, February 29, 2000.

The Red Door

Lino Guanciale in The Red Door.

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The third season of the unique Italian drama features the main detective solving crimes from beyond the afterlife. While it may seem ridiculous, as Commissario Leonardo Cagliostro (played by Lino Guanciale) reconnects with clairvoyant Vanessa (portrayed by Valentina Romani, the only living person who can communicate with Leonardo), it’s difficult not to be intrigued by the direction of the story. In this installment, a power outage wreaks havoc in Trieste and a devastating car accident alters Vanessa’s life permanently. Will Leonardo be able to aid her in finding closure?

Starting Friday, March 1st, Channel 4 will be broadcasting.

The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin

A chance to prance … The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin.

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Sometimes, it is difficult to see this loose retelling of the Dick Turpin tale as anything other than an opportunity for the main character to show off in a fancy shirt. However, there are some noteworthy scenes as the fashionable outlaw tries to make a name for himself in a risky profession. Turpin, played by Fielding, aims to revamp his image (“I am modern. There will be less brutality under my leadership”). But he quickly gains powerful adversaries. The ensemble also features talented British comedians such as Tamsin Greig, Asim Chaudhry, and Hugh Bonneville.

On Friday, March 1st of 2019, Apple TV+ was launched.

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