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Tonight's TV show features an eccentric detective solving an unusual and enjoyable mystery.
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Tonight’s TV show features an eccentric detective solving an unusual and enjoyable mystery.


9pm, ITV1

This detective series follows Riya, portrayed by Wunmi Mosaku, who moves from London to a quiet village in Yorkshire due to personal reasons. She is dissatisfied with the mundane police work in the village, but her life takes a turn when a young girl goes missing, a stag is found disemboweled, an anti-fracking protest occurs, and someone from the village’s past makes a comeback. The link between these events is still unknown, but unraveling the mystery promises to be an exciting journey. This show offers a unique and unpredictable twist compared to other typical rogue cop series. Written by Phil Harrison.

The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer

7.40pm, Channel 4

Is there a more deliciously chaotic image than Danny Dyer in the Bake Off tent? Doubtful. He’s joined by Rhod Gilbert, Leigh Francis and Yinka Bokinni for this week’s signature, technical and showstopper challenges: think biscuit people, cake-based failures, and teatime classics. Kayleigh Dray

Death in Paradise

9pm, BBC One

Neville, a detective, consumed both alcohol and antihistamines before boarding his flight. This could have potentially affected his state of consciousness, but it does not clarify the bizarre occurrence of a passenger disappearing and later being discovered dead on the island of Saint Marie. The pilot is claiming that this passenger never even boarded the plane. Ali Catterall speculates on this mystery.

Solving Crime: The Actual CSI

9pm, BBC Two

This fascinating series about the minutiae of police work continues as the West Midlands force becomes aware of a man with a large firearms arsenal. What are his plans for them? He claims to be simply a gun collector, but links to political extremism have to be explored, as does the possibility that the man is selling the weapons. PH


9pm, Channel 4

More nerve-jangling evasion and capture as various fugitives give the strong impression of having never seen previous seasons of this show. For example, one couple decide to contact a friend – a course of action that has hardly ever ended well on Hunted. For another pair, things are more wholesome as lessons are learned about self-sufficiency. PH

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9pm, W

Dooley characterizes the current arrangement as a harmonious co-parenting situation, with Linda residing with her former spouse Chris, his new partner Maddy, and their three kids. Dooley’s perception of the benefits of having three parental figures is shaped by her personal journey as a new mother, as she is warmly welcomed into their friendly Florida household. Hannah Verdier

Film choice

The movie “When Harry Met Sally” is airing on BBC One at 10:30pm.

When Harry Met Sally on BBC One

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“Can I order the same thing as her?” This witty quote by writer Nora Ephron (spoken by director Rob Reiner’s mother) is just one of the many clever gems in this enduring romantic comedy. The characters Harry and Sally, played by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, meet as college students on a ride from Chicago to New York. As they navigate their relationship over the next decade, they playfully dance around the question: can men and women truly be friends without romance getting in the way? Whichever side you may take, it’s a joy to see this couple grow closer and then pull back, always cautious of risking their treasured friendship for the possibility of love.

Live sport

Super League Football for Women: West Ham takes on Chelsea at 4:30 PM on Sky Sports Main Event. Then, at 6:30 PM, Aston Villa faces Arsenal at Villa Park.

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