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Tonight’s TV program will feature in-depth coverage on the relationship between John F Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, and the mafia.

The trio of Kennedy, Sinatra, and the Mob

9pm, Channel 4

This intriguing documentary delves into the relationship between Frank Sinatra and John F Kennedy, who tragically passed away 60 years ago this month. Through archival footage and insightful interviews with experts and insiders, such as biographers James Kaplan and Helen O’Donnell, as well as Kennedy’s former aide Kenneth O’Donnell’s daughter, we gain a deeper understanding of how their friendship impacted Kennedy’s presidential campaign.

Strictly Come Dancing

7.05pm, BBC One

It’s the halfway point, and Zara and Graziano are gone after failing to thrill with last week’s Halloween charleston. Ellie and Vito performed the dance of the night, but will they be able to match it with their American smooth to a Robbie Williams take on a swing classic? HR


8.30pm, BBC One

The ongoing reality show features two opposing tribes, one of which has lost a member due to the recent Tribal Council vote. With Caletón’s recent victory against La Nena, the question remains: who will be the next to be voted off? This week’s challenges include a test of quick thinking, and a surprise twist that could alter the game.

The Voice UK

8.35pm, ITV1

This music is the perfect accompaniment for a typical Saturday evening spent at home, with the friendly presence of coaches Anne-Marie, Olly Murs, Tom Jones, and will.i.am. However, there are some new regulations in this year’s competition – groups are now able to try out, which may add some excitement. Could we see the rise of the next One Direction or Diva Fever from this modification? Hannah Verdier

Dark Hearts

9pm, BBC Four

The French action movie comes to an end with two final installments, as Martin and his special forces team work to retrieve their valuable target. In this critical moment of the mission, teamwork is crucial, but as Martin and Sab bond, Spit becomes increasingly distant.

“Afterwards, on Jools Holland’s show…”

10.25pm, BBC Two

This week’s lineup offers a diverse blend of established and emerging artists, spanning different genres from underground rap to electronic pioneers from Liverpool. London’s up-and-coming soul singer Izo FitzRoy and talented blues musician Christone “Kingfish” Ingram are also included. It’s an exciting mix curated by Phil Harrison.

Film choice

Fingernails, Apple TV+

Jessie Buckley and Riz Ahmed in Fingernails on Apple TV+.

Christos Nikou, a follower of Yorgos Lanthimos who is known for his surreal Greek films, has created a new drama that explores the human experience. In this strange but relatable story, Jessie Buckley’s character Anna finds employment at the Love Institute, a place that uses scientific methods to determine if couples are truly in love. They also offer classes to help improve relationships. Anna’s mentor is Amir, played by Riz Ahmed, and despite being in a relationship with Ryan (played by Jeremy Allen White), she becomes close with Amir. The film cleverly pokes fun at the idea of quantifying emotions and with the talented acting of Buckley and Ahmed, the bizarre premise becomes almost believable.

Quiz Lady, Disney+

The dynamic duo of Awkwafina and Sandra Oh adds the necessary energy to Jessica Yu’s comedic film, allowing it to overcome the predictability of its plot. Anne (Awkwafina) is a shy office worker who excels at her favorite TV quiz show, Can’t Stop the Quiz. Her older sister Jenny (Oh) is outgoing and impulsive, and she encourages Anne to compete on the show. As expected, their time together brings them closer, but the presence of Will Ferrell as the host and Jason Schwartzman as the reigning quiz champion keeps things lively. SW

Sly, Netflix

Unfortunately for fans of soul music, it’s Sylvester Stallone and not Sharon Stone. However, this is a happy fact for those who enjoy muscle-packed action films. The story of how a boy from Hell’s Kitchen, with a troubled and envious father, managed to win an Academy Award and create three successful movie franchises is truly captivating. In this documentary, director Thom Zimny guides us through the crucial moments of Stallone’s journey. What stands out the most is how Stallone used his own life experiences (such as his debut film Rocky) to build his career, and how he incorporated personal struggles – including those with his father, failures, and finding redemption – into many of the films he wrote. SW

Live sport

The England versus Australia match for the Cricket World Cup will be aired on Sky Sports Main Event at 8am. The England versus Netherlands match will take place on Wednesday at 8am.

The England versus Wales Women’s Rugby League match will be airing on BBC Two at 11:30am, live from Headingley Rugby Stadium.

The last match between England and Tonga in the Men’s Rugby League will be broadcasted at 2pm on BBC One from Headingley.

The Premier League match between Newcastle and Arsenal will be televised on Sky Sports Main Event at 5pm. Prior to this, there will be another match between Fulham and Manchester United at 11am on TNT Sports 1.

The FA Cup football match between Bromley and Blackpool will be aired at 5:30pm on BBC Two. On Sunday, the matches between Chesterfield and Portsmouth at 11:30am on ITV1 and Charlton and Cray Valley Paper Mills at 5:15pm on BBC Two will be broadcasted.

The highly anticipated Copa Libertadores Football match between Boca Juniors and Fluminense will be airing on BBC Three at 7:50pm. This event is considered the pinnacle of South America’s top club tournament.

Source: theguardian.com