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Tonight's TV lineup: A unique reality show challenges British backpackers to prove themselves.
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Tonight’s TV lineup: A unique reality show challenges British backpackers to prove themselves.

Brits Down Under

10pm, Channel 4

Many competition shows award monetary prizes to the champions. However, this fresh program provides an opportunity for an extended working holiday visa. A group of British travelers arrive at Farmer Grant’s isolated farm, seeking character-building experiences through challenging manual labor. Grant’s credibility is at stake as he sends these youngsters to nearby farms, and his friends expect quality work in return. Who will rise to the challenge? Phil Harrison.

Undercover Doctor: The Secrets of Your Big Shop

8pm, Channel 4

“Dr. Michael Mosley investigates the root cause of non-genetic illnesses, which make up a staggering 60% of all illnesses, by examining the contents of our shopping carts. In this week’s episode, he uncovers the dietary mistakes that are causing lorry driver Chris and NHS worker Rebecca to experience nausea. He also delves into the debate surrounding snacking: is it harmful or not? Ali Catterall adds his insights.”

Silent Witness

9pm, BBC One

A dead body is discovered in a church in Ealing, west London, and it becomes the newest case for forensic partners Nikki (played by Emilia Fox) and Jack (played by David Caves). However, this case is a familiar one from the past: the potential reappearance of a confident serial killer who managed to escape capture twenty years ago. How will this revelation impact his now adult but still traumatized children? The story will conclude on Tuesday. This information is from Graeme Virtue.

Silent Witness

Streets of Gold: Mumbai

9pm, BBC Two

This trilogy explores the top 1% of India’s wealthiest population, delving deeper than the typical reality TV shows set in Mumbai. It offers valuable insights into the sociological and historical origins of this emerging class. In addition, it showcases entertaining and flamboyant personalities such as a solitary heir from an affluent family, India’s version of Jackie Collins, and a duo of extravagant fashion designers. Written by Ellen E Jones.

“Murder Caught on Camera: A Day in Police Custody”

9pm, Channel 4

“Nowadays, it is a common occurrence for individuals to refuse to cooperate with the police due to a sense of loyalty or a moral code. In this somber two-part feature, rookie detective Jacob Hobday tackles a double murder case, only to encounter a lack of cooperation from potential witnesses. The unfolding story reveals a community filled with animosity and fury. The conclusion will air on Tuesday. Written by Hollie Richardson.”

Playboy: The Centrefolds That Changed the World

9pm, Channel 5

It comes as no surprise that Hugh Hefner, a prominent figure in late-20th-century popular culture, was accused of perpetuating toxic sexism. In a recent documentary about his life, the late pornographer is portrayed as running a Playboy mansion that was rife with allegations of coercion, abuse, and assault towards women.

Live sport

The FA Cup match between Wigan Athletic and Manchester United will take place at 7:30pm on ITV1 at the DW Stadium. It is a third-round match.

Source: theguardian.com