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Tonight's television will feature stunning footage from the battlefields in Ukraine.
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Tonight’s television will feature stunning footage from the battlefields in Ukraine.

Ukraine: Enemy in the Woods

9pm, BBC Two

“Vovan, the commander of a Ukrainian unit, expressed a desire for a pill that could erase his memories. This powerful documentary provides a glimpse into the battlefield through the actions of the Berlingo battalion as they protect a railway line. It offers a shocking and distressing experience, with footage capturing homemade grenades killing Russian soldiers, intense on-field medical care, and dark humor. – Phil Harrison”

Rephrasing: “Overview: The Drastic Increase in Immigration in the UK”

8pm, BBC One

Ros Atkins crunches the numbers behind the always vexed debate on immigration to the UK. Despite government promises to the contrary, it has increased in the last two years. What lies behind this rise? And is it necessarily a bad thing? Atkins also meets people running businesses that rely on immigrant labour to survive. PH

Grand Indian Hotel

8pm, Channel 4

There’s some pretty standard wealth-ogling with a side order of Indian exoticism in this new three-part series, functioning as passable advertorial content for the Oberoi group of hotels. It starts in Jaipur, with staff preparing for the social event of the year, a lavish dinner for a maharaja. Sadly, incontinent elephants threaten to spoil the show. PH

Anton and Giovanni’s Excursions in Spain

9pm, BBC One

Du Beke and Pernice walk amongst the bustling crowds of Benidorm to the tune of Macarena. It seems like they could have taken advantage of exploring more than just the popular tourist areas. Luckily, they travel to rice fields near Valencia to gather ingredients for paella and then make their way to Madrid for a lively dance with the locals. We can follow their journey with Hannah Verdier.

Loaded in Paradise

9pm, ITV2

Do you feel like watching some TV in the background? This reality game follows five pairs of impossibly attractive people as they race around Greece’s sunny Ionian Islands in hopes of being the first to find a gold card filled with money. It’s like Love Island, but with less romantic drama and more physical challenges and puzzles.

“The Dark Horse Must Prevail: Josh’s Victory is Key”

9pm, E4

Excruciating … from left: Pete Wicks, Amber Rose Gill, contestant Josh, Vicky Pattison and Nick Grimshaw.View image in fullscreen

IL: ”
“They are similar to celebrities created artificially in a laboratory,” stated Nick Grimshaw, accurately describing the egoistic and uninspiring group selected for the television program The Favourite. However, there is a unique factor: Josh is the designated geek – and the only path to obtaining a portion of the £10k reward is through Josh’s victory. Together with Grimshaw, three other experienced reality show participants will be attempting to manipulate the competition. It is unbearable. PHIL:

Source: theguardian.com