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Tonight's television schedule includes a drama about metal detecting starring James Buckley and Neil Morrissey.
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Tonight’s television schedule includes a drama about metal detecting starring James Buckley and Neil Morrissey.

Finders Keepers

9pm, Channel 5

A talented group consisting of James Buckley, Fay Ripley, and Neil Morrissey takes the lead in this drama about metal detecting. As Martin (Morrissey) and his future son-in-law Ashley (Buckley) uncover Saxon treasure, their relationship strengthens before the wedding. However, a disagreement arises when one of them wants to declare the discovery legally, while the other argues for keeping it for themselves.

The winner of the 2024 Landscape Artist of the Year competition.

8pm, Sky Arts

Please have mercy on the artists faced with the task of painting a view of Liverpool, including the busy docks and the iconic “three graces” – the Royal Liver, Cunard, and Port of Liverpool buildings. It is a captivating sight to behold – until the artist who originally submitted the piece begins to feel the stress of the passing time. HR

The Traitors

9pm, BBC One


As we approach the finale of the incredibly entertaining reality show (which will air next week), it is currently uncertain who remains in the competition as we have already seen some unexpected departures. Will there be any more shocking surprises that can top the mother and son duo of Diane and Ross? Prepare yourselves.


9pm, Channel 4

Lindsay Duncan as Phil with Phil Davies as Nigel in Truelove

This drama is highly enjoyable due to its relatable characters and engaging plot beyond just assisted suicide. The character of Phil, played by Lindsay Duncan, delivers a captivating performance. Ayesha, a determined police officer portrayed by Kiran Sonia Sawar, refuses to give up on her suspicions. Will the group finally confess to their actions before the story’s conclusion on Thursday?

After the Flood

9pm, ITV1

This gripping suspense story takes place in a flood-ravaged northern town and features a quirky ensemble of characters. While it may be more reminiscent of the comedy-drama Brassic than the crime series Broadchurch, there is still a murder to be solved. Pregnant police officer Jo Marshall (played by Sophie Rundle) has taken matters into her own hands by conducting a covert DNA test and is determined to make things right. Graeme Virtue

Deceiver: The Fabricated Grooming Controversy

9pm, BBC Three

In May 2020, a teenager named Eleanor Williams from Cumbria shared pictures of her injuries on the internet, alleging that she had been victimized by a grooming gang of Asian origin in her hometown of Barrow-in-Furness. The online backlash caused real-life violence in Barrow-in-Furness and other areas, but this film delves into the truth that the entire story was fabricated. GV

Film choice

John David Washington (left) in a scene from The Creator.

The Creator (Gareth Edwards, 2023), Disney+

Gareth Edwards, the director who had been making movies for Star Wars and Godzilla for the past decade, returned to his original passion last year with a daring AI sci-fi thriller. The story is set in a world where humanity is at war with artificial intelligence, resulting in the destruction of Los Angeles. John David Washington plays a former special forces soldier who must locate a mysterious individual and bring back peace. Due to last year’s strikes, the film had a slow start, but it is expected to gain a passionate following through streaming platforms. Stuart Heritage

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