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Tonight's television program features a new and unconventional drama following a group of contemporary witches.
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Tonight’s television program features a new and unconventional drama following a group of contemporary witches.

Domino Day

9pm, BBC Three

You may be familiar with the feeling: you go on a date and realize that the person you’re with is not a good fit, almost like they are waving a warning sign. In this thrilling and otherworldly tale, Domino Day (played by Siena Kelly) literally sucks the energy out of her dates – she’s a witch who needs it to survive. Feeling alone and dissatisfied, all she wants is to find a welcoming community. However, when a coven discovers her (a coven that happens to run a plant shop), they become concerned about Domino’s sloppy hunting methods and decide she must be stopped. Things become more complicated when someone from her past suddenly reappears through magic. This story is fresh, spooky, and entertaining.

Landscape Artist of the Year 2024

8pm, Sky Arts

Can three judges, Tai-Shan Schierenberg, Kathleen Soriano, and Kate Bryan, determine if the painters can handle the busy working harbour of Stonehaven with their skills, despite the distractions of a “horizony” view, “distracting shapes”, or an intense level of joy? Or will they be overshadowed by one of the 50 wildcard contestants waiting in the wings? This is the decision facing them as they tackle this challenge.

Rewording: Love It Or List It by Kirstie and Phil.

8pm, Channel 4

The increasing cost of construction supplies, conflicting goals, and Phil Spencer’s efforts to convince them to leave their current residence for a new one: Jamie Lea and Curtis, a married pair from Albrighton, Shropshire, have faced numerous obstacles. Now, four years later, Spencer pays them a visit to see how they have fared with their expanding family. HV

After the Flood

9pm, ITV1

The greatest strength of this crime thriller is its ability to make the characters feel like genuine individuals. PC Jo Marshall (played by Sophie Rundle) acts as a renegade investigator in a murder case that she was not assigned to, and her actions are realistically portrayed. The local planning dispute also adds an intriguing layer, with Lorraine Ashbourne delivering comedic and passionate dialogue as steadfast advocate Molly.

Can you continue with glamorous camping, as mentioned by Johnny Vegas?

9pm, Channel 4

Johnny Vegas in Carry on GlampingView image in fullscreen


This week’s episode features a special appearance by David Jason, where he joins Johnny Vegas on their radio show to discuss their mutual interest in vintage vehicles. Meanwhile, Vegas continues to work towards his dream of creating a glamping site and explores the potential location of Melbourne Hall in Derbyshire. HRH.


10pm, Sky History

This new documentary series is a perfect fit for history enthusiasts with its use of Hollywood-style voiceovers, dramatic music, and repetitive budget dramatizations. It delves into some of the most intriguing myths and mysteries from around the world, starting with ancient Egypt. Through the expertise of Dr Fern Riddell and Dr Karen Bellinger, viewers will be blown away as they uncover the secrets of the pyramids.

Film choice

Johnnie Schofield, Frank Lawton, Mervyn Johns, Basil Sydney and Norman Pierce in Went the Day Well?View image in fullscreen

Did the Day Go Well? (1942 film directed by Alberto Cavalcanti), airing at 11am on Film4.

Alberto Cavalcanti’s powerful propaganda film, based on a story by Graham Greene, may seem like a terrifying spin-off of Mr. Bates vs the Post Office, with a postmistress wielding a hatchet as the unlikely protagonist. However, the film cleverly subverts our assumptions about the ordinary residents of an English village. As a group of German paratroopers disguised as an army unit plan a sea invasion in the area, the village’s women and children lead a fierce resistance. It becomes clear that there is nothing quaint about their determination to protect their home.

On Thursday at 1:35am, Film4 will be showing Saturday Night Fever, a film directed by John Badham in 1977.

Tony Manero, a talented dancer from Brooklyn, struggles to break free from his working-class Italian-American community, where he faces challenges from family expectations, religious beliefs, and gang activity. The film features energetic music from the Bee Gees and flashy costumes, capturing the spirit of the era. However, the story also delves into the gritty and unpleasant aspects of city life, creating a complex and conflicted protagonist in Tony. SWAG

Source: theguardian.com