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Tonight's television program: a revealing look into the widespread prevalence of mistreatment in British gymnastics.
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Tonight’s television program: a revealing look into the widespread prevalence of mistreatment in British gymnastics.

Is Gymnastics a Culture of Abuse?

9pm, ITV1

Currently in a gym, there is a child experiencing verbal, physical, and possibly sexual abuse. This is a reality that cannot be ignored. Coach Carlton Webster bravely addresses the widespread issue of abuse in gymnastics, sharing disturbing testimonies from former female gymnasts who claim to have been abused by their coaches. Hollie Richardson.

The Dog House

8pm, Channel 4

Get ready to experience a rollercoaster of emotions in this heartwarming dog shelter series. Unfortunately, Marnie, a cockapoo, recently lost her vision. Her owners, Roz and John, pay a visit to Wood Green’s animal sanctuary to help her find a new furry companion. Will Bella, a stray dog, be the perfect match?


9pm, Sky Atlantic


This is the final episode of the delightful series featuring TV chef Julia Child (played by Sarah Lancashire). The French Chef has been nominated for an Emmy award! However, before Julia can celebrate, she must confront her past as a spy when the FBI targets her team. (Rumor has it they are investigating how to create explosives using common ingredients found in your refrigerator.)

Unlikely spies … Sarah Lancashire and David Hyde Pierce in Julia.

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Billy Connolly Does …

9pm, Gold

This week, The Big Yin shares his insights on revolutions, covering topics from sex to space. He also shares delightful anecdotes about his interactions with Freddie Mercury and Kenny Everett, as well as his experiences touring with Elton John. It’s the perfect opportunity to revisit some of his classic sketches with Everett, made even more endearing by Connolly’s contagious laughter. A true gem. – Hannah Verdier

Sort Of

10.15pm, Sky Comedy

As we near the end of the highly praised Canadian comedy series, featuring Bilal Baig, a non-binary Pakistani-Canadian, Sabi receives an unexpected present from Wolf in the second to last episode. The final episode presents a major decision that will be determined by the toss of a coin, as all significant choices should be.

Slammed: The Eighties

11.15pm, BBC Two

This engaging series continues to place Welsh rugby in its social context – in Wales, it’s a working-class, community-based game and it really matters. In episode two, change is in the air as captain Terry Holmes departs for the lucrative world of rugby league and new hero Jonathan Davies steps into the breach. Phil Harrison

Film choice

Amanda Donohoe and Oliver Reed in Castaway.

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Castaway (Nicolas Roeg, 1986), 10.15pm, Talking Pictures

Nicolas Roeg’s film, Castaway, made in 1986, is unlikely to be produced in its original form in today’s world. The movie has gained a peculiar reputation. The plot is based on the true story of Lucy Irvine, who spent a year on a remote Pacific island with a stranger. Initially, it may seem that the main purpose of the movie is to constantly showcase Amanda Donohoe (as Lucy) without clothes. The marketing also heavily emphasized this aspect, with one poster even featuring a large painting of a buttock. However, beneath the surface, the movie portrays a disturbing character in Lucy’s cohabiting partner, Gerald, portrayed by Oliver Reed. Stuart Heritage

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