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Tonight's television lineup: The Traitors extend their wishes for a deceitful new year.
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Tonight’s television lineup: The Traitors extend their wishes for a deceitful new year.

The Traitors

9pm, BBC One

Meet the 22 individuals who will capture your attention in the upcoming season of the popular backstabbing reality show. Among them is a cheerful yet strategic chess mentor, a charmingly bold young man with a polarizing face, and a clairvoyant seeking assistance from the spirit world. But first, the contestants will be put to the test in the castle and the three traitors will be revealed. From there, the true excitement begins. Will this game, which captivated the nation last Christmas with its unpredictability, continue to enthrall? As host Claudia Winkleman puts it, “You may think you understand this game … but you’re in for a surprise.”

Which is superior: Air Fryers or Microwaves?

8pm, Channel 5

Most kitchen counters have room for only one “king of convenience” appliance, but which will claim the crown? This lively consumer programme pits the microwave against the air fryer, starting with some surprising invention stories. Then it’s tests for speed, energy efficiency and that all-important crispy finish. Ellen E Jones


9pm, Channel 4

Phil (Lindsay Duncan) and Ken (Clarke Peters) in Truelove.

Lindsay Duncan’s character, Phil, declares at a funeral for a friend with cancer, “If I ever end up like that, please just shoot me.” When another friend is facing a similarly painful death, a drunken promise is made and Phil, a retired detective, and Ken, a former soldier played by Clarke Peters, are recruited to carry out a mercy killing. Although the situation may seem forced, the main message about how society’s false sense of morality often overlooks the agony of those nearing death is relevant and effectively conveyed.

Belmarsh High Security Prison: Confining the Wicked

9pm, Channel 5

Not for nothing is London’s toughest high-security prison known as “Hellmarsh” by some former prisoners: this documentary series paints a bleak picture of life inside. It’s a grim inventory of violence, coercion and exploitation with a cast of characters including the “scalp hunter” John Sweeney and Charles Bronson. PH

The Great Rhino Robbery

9pm, Sky Documentaries


What are the reasons behind the decline of rhino populations? This dark yet intriguing series sheds light on the issue by examining numerous incidents of rhino horn thefts from museums and auction houses in 2011. Despite the presence of other valuable artifacts, the thieves specifically targeted the rhino horns. This serves as a harsh glimpse into the cruel world of poaching and illegal animal trade. Photographs are included.

Raye at the Royal Albert Hall

10.45pm, BBC One

Raye, the recipient of the Ivor Novello award, receives a special performance from the Heritage Orchestra as she showcases her Mercury-nominated album, My 21st Century Blues. With the accompaniment of the Flames Collective choir and organist Anna Lapwood, she delivers powerful renditions of her popular songs such as “Escapism” and “Oscar Winning Tears”. HR

Live sport

The final match of the World Darts Championship will be airing on Sky Sports Main Event at 8pm from Alexandra Palace.

Source: theguardian.com