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Tonight’s television lineup includes an hour of fabulous campiness featuring Cher and Rylan.

Cher Meets Rylan

9pm, BBC Two

Get ready for what is bound to be the most flamboyant hour of television this year: legendary pop star Cher chatting with beloved national figure Rylan. “I am hardly ever at a loss for words,” he declares before their interview, which will also air on Radio 2 on December 20th. “But being asked to interview the real Cher definitely did it.” Can it get any more extravagant? Actually, yes – the 77-year-old will be talking about her new holiday album, which includes the catchy Christmas tune DJ Play a Christmas Song. By Hollie Richardson.

Doctor Who

6.30pm, BBC One

The last installment of the 60th anniversary special features the reappearance of a notorious enemy from 57 years ago during William Hartnell’s time as the Doctor. Will the departing Doctor (David Tennant) and his close friend Donna (Catherine Tate) be able to outsmart the cunning and eerie Toymaker (Neil Patrick Harris)? Graeme Virtue

Strictly Come Dancing

7.35pm, BBC One


Unfortunately, Nigel had to withdraw from the competition last week due to an injury. As a result, our semi-finalists have been determined by default. Bobby will be performing the paso doble and quickstep, Annabel has chosen to dance to Gloria Estefan’s salsa, Ellie will be cha cha cha-ing to Mambo Italiano, and Layton will showcase a rumba and charleston. Now, we move on to the final three contestants.

Hidden Assets

9pm, BBC Four

This Irish/Belgian crime drama has a prominent Nordic noir influence as it follows a joint police operation between the two countries to combat corruption. A clear indication is emerging that both teams are being pressured to step back from their current leads. At the same time, Frances Swann, a malevolent figure, must deal with a potential public relations crisis.

Bad Host: Hunting the Couch Surfing Predator

9pm, Sky Documentaries

CouchSurfing is a platform built on trust, utilized by adventurous individuals to cost-effectively explore the globe. However, in this three-part documentary, the women featured share their harrowing experiences of being assaulted and raped by a man in Italy who exploited the platform. They also highlight their united efforts over six years to seek justice.


10pm, Sky Documentaries

The third part of the review of the 1988 terrorist attack shifts from a heartbreaking event to a captivating mystery, as American law enforcement receives information indicating that two Libyan agents were behind the bombing of PanAm Flight 103. A highly publicized trial ensues, and those familiar with the Iraq war may notice a unsettling similarity in how the evidence becomes uncertain.

Film choice

Adaptation, 10.50pm, Comedy Central

Nicholas Cage in Adaptation on Comedy Central.

Spike Jonze’s 2002 comedy is a prime example of meta filmmaking. Written by Charlie Kaufman, the movie follows a writer with the same name (played by Nicolas Cage) as he grapples with writer’s block while adapting Susan Orlean’s real-life book, The Orchid Thief. Meryl Streep also stars as Orlean, with Cage also taking on the role of Kaufman’s brother, whose advice for the script becomes intertwined with the story, turning it into a quirky thriller.

Wild Men, 12.50am, BBC Two

The central themes of this humorous Danish film by Thomas Daneskov revolve around questions of authenticity and masculinity. Rasmus Bjerg portrays Martin, a married father attempting to live independently in the remote wilderness of Norway, but struggling to do so with his misguided understanding of Viking principles. When he unexpectedly meets Musa (Zaki Youssef), a fugitive drug dealer, Martin sees him as a kindred spirit and offers his assistance. As they evade the police, Musa’s criminal associates, and Martin’s wife (Sofie Gråbøl), their chaotic adventure forces them to confront the harsh realities of their lives. SW

Live sport

The Crystal Palace and Liverpool teams will face off in a Premier League football match at 11am on TNT Sports 1, held at Selhurst Park.

The Bath Rugby team will face off against Ulster in the Champions Cup Rugby Union tournament at 3pm on TNT Sports 1. This will be followed by matches between Bulls and Saracens, and Bristol Bears and Lyon.

The last match of the West Indies vs England series in One-Day International Cricket will be held at 5pm on TNT Sports 2 at the Kensington Oval in Barbados.

Source: theguardian.com