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Tonight’s television lineup includes a program where Russell T Davies and Alan Yentob journey through time.

Picture… Russell T Davies: My Relationship with The Doctor.

10.40pm, BBC One

Russell T Davies has created numerous successful TV shows and is highly regarded as one of the best TV writers. However, Doctor Who holds a special place in his heart since childhood. In this touching documentary, presented by Alan Yentob, we follow Davies’ journey back to the beloved show and also learn about his creative process and the challenges he has faced throughout his career. One common thread in his work is his remarkable patience and ability to infuse warmth into even the most difficult topics. Phil Harrison.

Rewording: Jamie’s Quick Tips for Christmas

8pm, Channel 4

For many years, Jamie Oliver has been a prominent figure on Christmas cooking shows. He continues to come up with clever ways to turn a panettone into a unique dessert. Other recommendations for meals during the time between Christmas and New Year’s include a brussels sprout caesar salad, a savory version of tarte tatin, and a filling winter vegetable gnocchi that will last you until the start of the new year. This information was shared by Ellen E Jones.

Christmas University Challenge

8.30pm, BBC Two

D alumni

The academic quiz’s annual festive contest is back with a new series, featuring prominent alumni from different British universities competing for the top spot. The first episode kicks off with a face-off between King’s College London and City, University of London. Hosted by Amol Rajan, the contestants include TV journalists Ayshah Tull and Joe Crowley, both of whom are PHD alumni.

Vanishing Act

9pm, ITV1

Wendy (Sophie Bloom) and Melissa (Kate Atkinson) clink champagne glasses in Vanishing Act

This drama based on a real crime begins with a shoe containing a decomposed foot appearing on an Australian beach. The story becomes even more complicated from that point on. It follows the viewpoint of Melissa Caddick (played by Kate Atkinson), a financier who disappeared while being investigated for allegedly scamming both acquaintances and strangers out of millions.

Aldi’s Hidden Holiday Surprises

9pm, Channel 4

Does anyone want to try pigs-in-blankets ice cream? In line with the odd trend of “behind-the-scenes Christmas supermarket” shows, this one reveals the secrets of Aldi’s enchanting middle aisle and more. However, there are also issues with a large chocolate bauble and poorly dressed smoked salmon. It’s a high-stakes situation.

Leo Reich: Who even cares?

9.40pm, Sky Comedy

Reworded: Leo Reich, a witty and self-absorbed standup comedian who is posh, young, and gay, gained popularity at the 2022 Edinburgh fringe festival. His show, which humorously focuses on narcissistic themes, has been made into an HBO special, adding a touch of luxury to his fame. This allows a larger audience to enjoy Reich’s sharp observations about gen Z, entertaining musical segments, and attention-grabbing gym shorts. Graeme Virtue.

Source: theguardian.com