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Tonight's television lineup features an intense experiment involving a murder trial that delves into the minds of jurors.
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Tonight’s television lineup features an intense experiment involving a murder trial that delves into the minds of jurors.

The panel of jurors for a murder trial.

9pm, Channel 4

Can we rely on the jury system? This four-part series portrays a real murder trial with two juries who may reach conflicting verdicts. While turning a murdered wife’s case into a game may be questionable, it serves as a social experiment to reveal each person’s thoughts and how their personal backgrounds influence their perspectives at each stage of the trial.

The Way

9pm, BBC One

In the second installment of a daring symbolic play, created by Michael Sheen, James Graham, and Adam Curtis, we witness Geoff (Steffan Rhodri) and Dee (Mali Harries) struggle to shield their children from the oppressive government, as martial law looms and mirrors current UK tactics against protests. Jack Seale

The Spacecraft That Crashed Back to Our Planet

9pm, BBC Two

The final installment of an exceptional three-part documentary delves into the tragic 2003 Columbia space shuttle disaster. In the aftermath of losing seven astronauts and with the memory of the Challenger tragedy still fresh, the media and grieving families demand a thorough investigation. The findings reveal a sense of complacency within the organization, described by one contributor as a failure to anticipate failure.

The perpetrator responsible for the British Airways tragedy.

9pm, ITV1

In 2010, Robert Brown, a BA pilot, killed his wife Joanna Simpson. The following day, he surrendered himself but declined to assist the authorities in their inquiry. This unsettling two-part film features interviews with Joanna’s loved ones and footage of Brown’s interrogation as it recounts the events. HR

Curb Your Enthusiasm

9pm, Sky Comedy

Tracey Ullman’s appearance on Curb as Larry’s nightmare girlfriend, Irma, has been a cringe-worthy delight since the beginning. We all remember her enthusiastic reactions when Larry offered to pay for her cosmetic surgery (“Fancy surgery! A bespoke vagina!”). However, will their relationship be able to withstand the challenges of couples therapy? Or the drama that unfolds in the locker room at Larry’s golf club? Ellen E Jones

Out of Order

9pm, Comedy Central

Katherine Ryan, Rosie Jones and Maisie Adam in Comedy Central.View image in fullscreen

osie Jones hosts her debut gameshow, which is a lively and entertaining event. The concept is straightforward: team leaders Judi Love and Katherine Ryan must arrange a selection of regular individuals in a specific order. However, in the first episode, Richard Osman and Chris McCausland discover that sorting people based on their number of marriages is no easy task.

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