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Tonight's television lineup features a week dedicated to Peaky Blinders on the show Bring The Drama.
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Tonight’s television lineup features a week dedicated to Peaky Blinders on the show Bring The Drama.

Bring the Drama

9pm, BBC Two

“I can’t wait to hit someone in the face!” This week on Bill Bailey’s captivating acting competition, it’s Peaky Blinders themed and not just 67-year-old Janice is channeling her inner Shelby. Emotions run high as one contestant is disappointed to not be cast as Tommy. The teams travel to Birmingham with guest star Charlene McKenna to film a scene. Who will come out on top? – Hollie Richardson

2024 Landscape Artist of the Year

8pm, Sky Arts

Monica, Christina, and Denise are the top three competitors preparing to showcase their talents in Covent Garden. They will be painting blank canvases and the challenge is to capture the lively piazza, intricate rooftops, and iconic landmarks of London. Keep watching to find out which artist will be awarded the £10k commission by the Science Museum. HR

“Using air fryers is a simple and effective method for shedding pounds.”

9pm, Channel 5


“In recent times, the term “air fryers” has developed into its own genre on television. For those who are on the fence about getting one, here’s the latest endorsement. Hosted by Alexis Conran, the show highlights low-calorie recipes with the assistance of Clare Andrews, the author of The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook. HRBs.”

Domino Day

9pm, BBC Three

During a romantic outing, Domino (played by Siena Kelly) and Leon (played by Percelle Ascott) connect over their shared experiences with childhood trauma. However, their journey towards a deeper relationship is met with obstacles, particularly as both characters are witches. As they face off against Esme and her accomplice Silas (played by Sam Howard-Sneyd), the latter of whom still harbors feelings for his ex, Domino finds herself caught in the midst of a battle.

Percelle Ascott and Siena Kelly in Domino Day.

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Alice & Jack

10pm, Channel 4

At the end of the second to last episode, the character Alice will undergo artificial insemination despite one character’s opinion that it is expensive and unnecessary. In this scene, there is a chance for another character, Jack, to quickly engage in intimacy on the insemination table. However, before anything can happen, there is a shocking revelation prefaced by the words, “It’s not the baby. It’s you.” This statement was made by Ali Catterall.

Claire Bloom discusses her memories of playing the role of Anna Karenina.

10pm, BBC Four


“Prior to a unique showing of the BBC’s 1961 version of Tolstoy’s masterpiece, Claire Bloom, the actress who portrayed Anna Karenina, reminisces about the process of bringing the novel to television. She reflects on the difficulties faced and her experiences working with Sean Connery.”

Live sport

The fifth round match between Nottingham Forest and Man United will be broadcasted at 7:30pm on BBC One, while the Liverpool vs. Southampton match can be watched on ITV1.

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