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Tonight there will be a program on television exploring the intrigue of real-life events in the Jacobean era for fans of Mary and George.

Royal Kill List

9pm, Sky History

This series, “Mary & George”, featuring Julianne Moore, delves into the life of Charles II, grandson of James I, during the Jacobean era. It explores the events of the English civil war, where Charles I, Charles II’s father, was accused of high treason and faced a public trial and execution. After the monarchy was reinstated ten years later, Charles II was determined to seek retribution against those involved in his father’s death. Sheila Atim, Jared Harris, and Joseph Fiennes are among the cast members who help narrate this story.

Interior Design Masters With Alan Carr

8pm, BBC One

At the beginning of a new season, Carr encounters 10 potential designers. Among them are a Greek goddess, an individual wearing a beret, and someone who just left Zippos Circus. Their initial task is to convert the small cells of a previous convent in Norfolk into unique and charming B&B rooms. “Will your creations be heavenly? Or will they be less than satisfactory?” – Ali Catterall.

Protecting Lives at Sea during World War II

9pm, BBC Two

P cannot reword

Dermot O’Leary, a lover of history, shares fascinating tales about the 6,376 individuals whose lives were rescued by the RNLI during World War II. This commemoration of the lifeboat charity’s 200th anniversary includes interviews with relatives of those who aided in Operation Dynamo in Margate, Kent. HRP cannot reword.

Mary & George

9pm, Sky Atlantic


Julianne Moore continues her captivating period drama as George (played by Nicholas Galitzine) returns from France and catches the attention of King James I (portrayed by Tony Curran) – all thanks to the cunning tactics of his ambitious mother, Mary (Moore). As we dive deeper into her character, will her mysterious past resurface to cause trouble?

Morgana Robinson and Jai Hollis in Newark, Newark.View image in fullscreen

Newark, Newark

10pm, BBC Two

Nathan Foad, who later became a cabin boy named Lucius on the show Our Flag Means Death, previously produced a brief and delightful comedy series for Gold about his experience growing up in the east Midlands. In the second episode, harried chip shop owner Maxine (played by Morgana Robinson) tasks her shy teenager Leslie (played by Jai Hollis) with work. Will Leslie excel or fail disastrously?

Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable

10pm, Dave

How much do we adore you, Mel Giedroyc? Let me list our affection in various ways. Our treasured ruler has reclaimed her position as she and assistant Lou Sanders persuade Rylan Clark, Lucy Beaumont, and Fatiha El-Ghorri to reveal their most inexcusable anecdotes. Be ready to gasp at that tale about a pigeon … Kayleigh Dray

Live sport

The Cheltenham Festival, beginning at 1pm on ITV1, features a prominent horse racing event. The Gold Cup, held on Friday at 3.30pm, is the main attraction during the four-day festival. The coverage will commence at 1pm.

The second-leg match of the Champions League, Arsenal against Porto, begins at 7pm on TNT Sports 1. Porto currently has a 1-0 lead.

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