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Tonight on TV, Sue Perkins will be facing off against a bear in the wilds of Alaska.
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Tonight on TV, Sue Perkins will be facing off against a bear in the wilds of Alaska.

Sue Perkins was lost in the Alaskan wilderness.

9pm, Channel 5

Sue Perkins has chosen the beautiful yet difficult Alaskan landscape as the setting for her celebrity travel program, despite there being simpler options available. She encounters challenges such as a hungry moose calf, severe weather conditions, and the need to learn survival techniques. She also receives instruction on how to defend herself from potential bear attacks.

Amityville: An Origin Story

9pm, BBC Two

In the second installment of this chilling series about horror, we revisit the evening when the devout DeFeo family was discovered deceased in their beds at 112 Ocean Avenue. This occurred one year prior to the Lutzes’ relocation to the house, where they were famously forced to leave after experiencing unexplainable occurrences within just 28 days. Was the mafia involved or was it something supernatural? – Kayleigh Dray

After the Flood

9pm, ITV1

Can Jo (Sophie Rundle) rely on anyone? In the second to last episode of this suspenseful show, she and Tasha follow a new lead, but find out something surprising about Daniel’s past. As they get closer to catching the murderer, a hit-and-run and the reappearance of a red car only add to their confusion.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK Versus the World

9pm, BBC Three

A new season starts, and for the first time in the history of Drag Race UK, it’s not only the highly coveted title of Queen of the Mother Tucking World that is at stake. There is also a cash prize of £50,000 up for grabs. To emerge as the winner, the contestants must impress Richard E Grant, an acting icon and connoisseur of camp who is serving as this week’s guest judge. Written by Ellen E Jones.


9pm, Sky Max

Ted film

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Seth MacFarlane reprises his role as the foul-mouthed, animated teddy bear who was brought to life in the 2012 movie. The goal of this prequel series seems to be mocking common themes seen in family sitcoms from the 1990s, using profanity and offensive language. The computer-generated effects are impressive, especially when Ted is mimicking masturbation. Graeme Virtue.

The 26th Mobo Awards: Full Access Pass

11.30pm, BBC One

Little Simz and Stormzy are at the forefront of the nominations, but there is also much interest in the lower ranks. Will Mercury winners Ezra Collective continue their successful run? And will Potter Payper make history as the first winner to have served time in prison during the release of their album? These are the questions posed by Phil Harrison.

Film choice

On Friday at 2am, Film4 will be showing Benjamin, a film directed by Simon Amstell in 2018.

Simon Amstell’s next film after his futuristic mockumentary about veganism, Carnage, takes on a more traditional approach. It’s a clever drama about relationships, featuring a main character who is self-aware and straightforward, possibly representing Amstell himself. The story follows Benjamin, played by the charmingly vulnerable Colin Morgan, a filmmaker struggling with the mixed reactions to his semi-autobiographical movie. When he meets Noah, a music student played by Phénix Brossard, their on-again-off-again romance becomes the focus of this charming but wandering tale about uncomfortable emotions.

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