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Tonight on TV, Simon Reeve will embark on an adventurous journey through swamps and face angry bees while also trying out testicles for breakfast.
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Tonight on TV, Simon Reeve will embark on an adventurous journey through swamps and face angry bees while also trying out testicles for breakfast.

Simon Reeve takes viewers on a journey through some of the world’s most remote and beautiful wilderness areas.

Simon Reeve guides audiences on an expedition to explore the breathtaking and isolated regions of our planet.

9 o’clock in the evening on Sunday, on the channel BBC Two.

Simon Reeve embarks on a challenging and extraordinary journey around the most isolated terrains of the world. In the first installment of this thrilling four-part series, he braves through the harsh conditions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo with his guide Adams Cassinga. Along the way, he encounters aggressive bees, insects that lay eggs in human skin, and even eats testicles for breakfast and dinner. Despite the challenges, Reeve also experiences the hospitality of a remote Baka community, meets a former ivory trader turned conservationist, and tracks down the elusive bonobo. As Reeve reflects on his exhausting trek, he admits, “I’m completely exhausted.”

George Clarke’s Adventures in Americana

9pm, Channel 4

In this new series, a popular TV personality delves into architecture and design in various locations throughout the United States. The first episode showcases a range of styles, from Creole to cowboy, beginning in New Orleans, the largest city in Louisiana. Viewers will see vibrant urban mansions that were once owned by extremely wealthy plantation owners, and then travel to Bandera where they will discover a “man cave” that resembles a museum of neon lights.

Call the Midwife

8pm, BBC One

Midwife Gillian Baxter, a model from Poplar, has a natural talent for finding the right balance, even during difficult times. However, as she prepares to give birth this week, she receives news that her baby has a birth defect. The nurses must support her in accepting this news. In the meantime, Matthew assists Trixie in finding a new sofa before her upcoming move.

The Tourist

9pm, BBC One

The surprising occurrences in the previous episode create an opportunity for a nostalgic joke in season one and a moment for contemplation. After all the traveling, could it be the right moment for Elliot (Jamie Dornan) and Helen (Danielle Macdonald) to choose a place to call home? However, with the fast-paced turn of events, will they have the opportunity to do so? Ellen E Jones

Russell Maliphant’s Vortex

9pm, BBC Four

Jackson Pollock, known as the “Drip King”, is renowned for his unique artistic methods and the abstract paintings he created. His expressive techniques have served as inspiration for choreographer Russell Maliphant’s newest piece, Vortex, which was filmed at Sadler’s Wells in 2020. This hour-long performance uses fluid movements, clever lighting, and a pulsating score to create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Big Boys

10pm, Channel 4


Christmas has arrived at Brent University and two male students are facing unique challenges. Jack pays £50 to his tutor to play table tennis and determine his sexual orientation, while Danny reunites with his absent father. Corinne ends her relationship with her spoken-word poet boyfriend Spencer (thankfully). Human Resources:

Film choice

The Founder, 5pm, AMC

The Founder on AMC.

The film “The Founder,” directed by John Lee Hancock, follows the story of Ray Kroc, the man responsible for turning McDonald’s into a major corporation. Despite having all the elements of an Oscar-worthy film, it was largely ignored upon its release due to its refreshingly unconventional nature. Michael Keaton portrays Kroc as a typical ambitious American, but those familiar with his history know the damage he caused in pursuit of his dreams. This movie presents Kroc as both a hero and a villain, making for a thought-provoking and intricate viewing experience.

Live sport

At 12:15pm on BBC Two, the WSL football match will take place between Chelsea Women and Man United Women at Stamford Bridge.

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