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Tonight on TV, Ralf Little makes his highly anticipated comeback in the hit tropical murder mystery show.
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Tonight on TV, Ralf Little makes his highly anticipated comeback in the hit tropical murder mystery show.

Death in Paradise

9pm, BBC One

The 100th episode of the tropical mystery show is back, but season 13 may bring bad luck for the experienced police chief Selwyn (played by Don Warrington) as he is shot in the back during a dinner at the yacht club. With their boss in the hospital, Neville (played by Ralf Little) and his team work to solve the case, with flashbacks and entertaining guest appearances.

Call the Midwife

8pm, BBC One

In the summer of 1969, there is no mention of anyone receiving their first guitar. Instead, Mayor Violet (played by Annabelle Apsion) takes the regular cast on a trip to the coast, causing an episode where the main characters are more affected by their own personal struggles than by any outsiders. One particular storyline follows a young couple who have a new baby, but its apparent good health may not be as it seems. Jack Seale

Wilderness With Simon Reeve

9pm, BBC Two

The lovely explorer embarks on a voyage from Indonesia to the Coral Triangle and soon encounters a dolphin. As one of the crew members falls ill, it highlights the potential dangers of being in a remote area. However, upon reaching Raja Ampat, the diving experience is breathtaking. – Hannah Verdier

Trigger Point

9pm, ITV1

The Metropolitan Police’s bomb squad is currently conducting a manhunt to locate potential suspects involved in the power plant assault. The skills of the team, consisting of recent addition DS Helen Morgan (Natalie Simpson) and experienced member Dr Sonya Reeves (Kerry Godliman), will be utilized. However, only Lana “Wash” Washington (Vicky McClure) has the ability to follow this lead to its end. – Ellen E Jones

Big Boys

10pm, Channel 4

Brent University is currently hosting a work experience week, where Jack is responsible for answering calls on a radio show about youth issues. Meanwhile, Danny and Corinne learn that magazines targeted towards young men do not offer much self-reflection. The standout moment of the week is when Shannon delivers a clever one-liner about never having watched Harry Potter: “If I wanted to see a scar-faced orphan, I’d visit Luton!” – Alexi Duggins.

Sex, Me and Disability

11.30pm, Channel 4

This groundbreaking film follows Rhys Bowler, a man with duchenne muscular dystrophy, as he shares his experiences and challenges in navigating relationships and sexuality as a disabled individual. Bowler bravely addresses the taboo topics that many are afraid to discuss, providing a refreshingly honest and open perspective.

Film choice

The movie Ant-Man will be airing at 3:45pm on BBC One.

Ant-Man on BBC One.View image in fullscreen

Bringing humor back to the Avengers comic-book series, Paul Rudd’s character, a tiny insect-like hero, also grounds the fantasy in a relatable everyday world. In the 2015 film directed by Peyton Reed, Rudd plays Scott Lang, a thief with a criminal past and estranged relationship with his daughter. When he stumbles upon a shrinking suit created by scientist Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), Scott’s small size leads to comedic moments, but the action-packed adventure is sure to please most viewers as he teams up with Pym and his daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly) to retrieve another suit from terrorists.

An individual from the United States in the city of Paris, at 8pm, on the channel Sky Arts.

Vincente Minnelli’s 1951 MGM musical, starring Gene Kelly as the main character, features a 17-minute dance sequence that rivals the famous episode from The Red Shoes in terms of visual and dramatic creativity. The film follows the story of a struggling artist who falls in love with Leslie Caron’s Lise, despite her existing relationship with renowned singer Henri (Georges Guétary). Set in the romantic and exotic backdrop of Paris, the film showcases George Gershwin’s timeless classical-jazz score, including hits like “I Got Rhythm” and “‘S Wonderful.” SW

Live sport

The Dublin Festival will be aired on ITV1 at 12:50pm, featuring the Irish Champion Hurdle at Leopardstown at 2:45pm.

The first match of Premier League Football between Man United and West Ham will be at 2pm on Sky Sports Main Event. The second match between Arsenal and Liverpool will take place at 4pm.

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