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Tonight on television, there will be a dramatic dystopian story about individuals who have survived and are now living on an island.
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Tonight on television, there will be a dramatic dystopian story about individuals who have survived and are now living on an island.

Helgoland 513

10pm, Sky Atlantic

In this lengthy seven-episode German series set in a dystopian future, the year is 2036 and Helgoland serves as an island refuge for a small group of people amidst a catastrophic apocalypse. With a maximum capacity of 513 residents, the survivors must also contend with a group of rebels set on overtaking their safe haven, as well as managing social hierarchies and survival with scarce resources.

Beyond Paradise

8pm, BBC One

The latest season of the somewhat ordinary detective show starts off with DI Goodman (Kris Marshall) facing a dilemma when a staged murder-mystery event turns into a real murder, with Goodman being one of the attendees. Meanwhile, Barbara Flynn’s character Anne finds herself trying dating apps much to the concern of her daughter Martha (Sally Bretton). Phil Harrison will also return as a recurring character.

Gardeners’ World

8pm, BBC Two

The time for growing has arrived, so relax and allow Monty Don to guide you through planting dahlia tubers for a stunning burst of never-ending summer shades. In addition, we will focus on the no-dig technique and take inspiration from one gardener’s ability to create a wind-resistant garden. Kayleigh Dray

Exploring Trieste in Just 48 Hours – A Travel Guide

8.30pm, Channel 4

Joe Lycett on horseback and Alan Davies in Travel Man: 48 Hours in Trieste.

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After focusing on the issue of sewage leaks during his recent campaign, Joe Lycett embarks on a new journey with Alan Davies in Trieste, a city in north-eastern Italy. Their adventures include witnessing flatulent horses at a show, indulging in strong coffee, exploring wind donations at the Bora Museum, and trying their hand at painting. The trip is a delightful experience in the bustling town of Trieste.


The competition of RuPaul’s Drag Race explores the world between the UK and other countries.

9pm, BBC Three

The second season of the global cat battle is nearing its final episode and features a special appearance from Katherine Ryan as a mentor and evaluator. Utilizing her talent for delivering sharp insults, Ryan guides the remaining competitors as they aim their sly remarks at a comedic wedding roast. However, the question remains: who will play the role of the jubilant duo? – Graeme Virtue

A guide to navigating the world with John Wilson as your companion.

11.05pm, BBC Two

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The fascinatingly strange show concludes its third and ultimate season with two episodes about observing winged creatures and monitoring your parcel. While connecting with the delightful community of bird enthusiasts (“Simply stating you spotted something causes others to trust you”), he exposes a scandal known as “swallowgate”, which goes against the ethical standards of birdwatching. HR cannot reword.

Film choice

Regina King in Shirley.View image in fullscreen

Shirley (John Ridley, 2024), Netflix
This biopic of the inspirational Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman elected to the US congress, focuses not on that 1968 victory but her equally groundbreaking 1972 run for the US presidency. The always impressive Regina King dominates the screen as the Brooklyn politician who hates politicking, and is single-minded, bordering on obstinate even, as her campaign for the Democratic nomination fails to gain traction. It’s a largely down-the-line tale but, along with the recent Rustin, is another chapter in Black history that deserves an airing. Simon Wardell

Live sport

Royal Challengers Bangalore will be facing Chennai Super Kings in an IPL cricket match streaming live at 2:30pm on Sky Sports Main Event channel.

The first match of the competition.

Tonight at 7pm, watch Leicester Tigers take on Gloucester Rugby in the Premiership Rugby Union on TNT Sports 1 channel.

At Welford Road Stadium.

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