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Tonight on television, the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) will finally be reunited in the TARDIS.

Doctor Who, 6.30pm,


To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the beloved sci-fi series about a family, the first of three Doctor Who specials – The Star Beast – has finally arrived. The special reunites former Time Lord companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) with David Tennant in the Tardis as her past catches up with her. Along with the addition of Miriam Margolyes as the voice of furry companion Meep, Yasmin Finney plays Donna’s teenage daughter Rose and Ruth Madeley takes on the role of Shirley Anne Bingham (although her character is still shrouded in mystery, the actress has hinted at appearing in all episodes). All of this leads up to the highly anticipated moment when the Doctor will regenerate into Ncuti Gatwa from Sex Education.


9pm, Sky Documentaries

In December of 1988, the residents of Lockerbie experienced a devastating event. A plane, flight Pan Am 103, was bombed and crashed into their town, resulting in the deaths of all 259 people on board and 11 locals. The aftermath was filled with a door, a lone high heel, Christmas gifts, and the smell of fuel. This gripping four-part documentary recounts the events and delves into the reasons behind the tragedy, beginning with the efforts of locals to locate, identify, and return the victims’ remains. HR

Strictly Come Dancing

7.30pm, BBC One

Unfortunately, Angela and Kai’s dancefloor reign came to an end as they bid farewell to Blackpool Tower. The stakes are high for the six remaining pairs as they battle for a spot in the quarter-final musicals special. Angela and Carlos will showcase their skills with a cha-cha-cha to Gloria Gaynor’s iconic song “I Will Survive,” while Layton and Nikita will perform an American smooth routine to Björk’s “It’s Oh So Quiet.” HR

Special Auction for Freddie Mercury

8pm, Sky Arts

Freddie Mercury: Auction Special on Sky Arts.


The Sotheby’s auction earlier this year featured a variety of amazing items, including a baby grand piano used to compose some of the most iconic songs of the 20th century, an Ivor Novello award, and a Tiffany moustache comb. This documentary takes a closer look at the million-dollar items that were sold.


9pm, BBC Four

The plot of this Australian thriller follows a priest who commits murder, highlighting the eerie feeling of being trapped in a small countryside town where everyone keeps their secrets close. In the latest episode, Martin goes to Allen’s funeral and uncovers a darker side to the teen. His findings lead him back to the corrupt police in the area. From Phil Harrison.

Greatest Guitar Riffs

9pm, Sky Arts

Andy Summers, the guitarist for the band Police, traces his career by the riffs that inspired him. In a film filled with famous guitar players, it is intriguing to learn how Summers incorporated elements of jazz and blues into his popular music style. – Jack Seale


At 8am and 4:50pm on Sky Cinema Premiere, Beau is experiencing fear.

Ari Aster’s latest film, Beau Is Afraid, was not a commercial success, which may not come as a surprise given the current state of the industry. This three-hour long arthouse movie takes the form of a surreal road trip and raises questions about the protagonist’s perception of reality. It did not attract a large audience in cinemas and even confused some fans who were expecting to see Joaquin Phoenix in a new film. However, the film has found a more suitable platform on streaming services, where viewers can pause, take breaks, and fully digest the experience. If you allow yourself to fully immerse in this bizarre and hilarious film, it will leave a lasting impact. This is according to Stuart Heritage’s review.

Belfast, Netflix

Catriona Balfe and Jude Hill in Belfast on Netflix

Kenneth Branagh’s directing career has been diverse in the past decade, including projects such as popular franchises (Marvel, Jack Ryan) and Disney remakes that he likely would not have pursued in the 90s. With Belfast, Branagh seems to be trying to go back to his roots. The film is shot in black and white, with a strong personal touch, and delves into his childhood during the Troubles. While some may criticize it as an attempt for an Oscar, following in the footsteps of Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma just three years prior, it still manages to deeply move audiences.

Whisky Galore! 3.05pm, BBC Two

Forget the cosy 2016 remake, the original of the anti-imperial satire remains by far and away the best. Made in 1949, this Ealing comedy about a Hebridean community banding together to rescue 50,000 cases of whisky that escaped a shipwreck remains charm personified. Shot on location on the Isle of Barra, it exudes a sense of gentle, subversive, anti-establishment fun. Along with Passport to Pimlico and Kind Hearts and Coronets, this is responsible for putting Ealing comedies on the map. Watch it, then make plans to visit the Hebrides. SH

Live sport

The Betfair Chase, a horse racing event, will be broadcast live from Haydock Park at 12:55pm on ITV1. Additionally, there will be racing from Ascot.

UK Championship Snooker: Catch the action on BBC One at 1:15pm as day one of the tournament kicks off at York Barbican. Will Mark Allen be able to defend his championship title?

The top two teams in the Premier League, Manchester City and Liverpool, will face off at the Etihad Stadium. This will be followed by a match between West Brom and Ipswich at 5pm.

Source: theguardian.com