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Tonight on television: the man who accused his parents of murdering his teenage sister.

Can you prove who is responsible for the death of Jennifer Pandos?

9pm, Sky Documentaries

I contacted my lawyer to inquire about the possibility of taking legal action against my parents for the loss of my sister. Stephen Pandos is still uncertain about the circumstances surrounding his sister Jennifer’s disappearance in 1987. This gripping four-part series documents his ongoing pursuit of the truth, including discussions with the very parents he once accused.


9pm, BBC One

Jimmy McGovern’s brilliant prison drama jumps to six months later with Orla (Jodie Whittaker) landing back in the nick with former cellmates heavily pregnant Kelsey (Bella Ramsey) and vengeful Abi (Tamara Lawrance). But each time a sense of hope, community and friendship provides some sort of comfort, the harsh and violent reminders of where they are slice through. HR

Planet Earth III

6.15pm, BBC One


Male humans should put more effort into attracting a mate, similar to the all-dancing male spotted bowerbird. The saiga antelope also tries to impress females in David Attenborough’s nature series by using its large, wobbly nose. According to Attenborough, the larger the nose, the more appealing it is to females.

Judi Dench: This Cultural Life Shakespeare Special

7pm, BBC Four

Dame Judi Dench: This Cultural Life on BBC Two.

Judi Dench’s connection with William Shakespeare is highlighted in this delightful program, showcasing the significant role he plays in British culture. In an interview with John Wilson, Dench shares how her entire life has been shaped by his works, from her first performance as Ophelia in 1957 to her last role in A Winter’s Tale.

Three Little Birds

8pm, ITV1

Lenny Henry’s Windrush drama continues with sisters Leah and Chantrelle still adjusting to life in overcast 1950s Dudley (sunny Jamaica is glimpsed in flashbacks). A night at the pictures stirs up Leah’s emotions while poor Chantrelle – who dreams of being up on the screen – feels even more trapped by her nannying job. Graeme Virtue

Six Four

9pm, ITV1

Six Four may not have been groundbreaking, but it has effectively utilized the elements of a crime drama to create a consistently tense and gripping story. In the second to last episode, the repercussions of Michelle’s hidden truths begin to unravel, while Annabel finds herself in a high-stakes and intense confrontation with her captor.

Live sport

The BBC Two channel will broadcast the Women’s Super League Football match between Arsenal and Manchester City at 12:15pm at Meadow Park.

The upcoming match between England and France in the International Wheelchair Rugby tournament will take place at 2.45pm on BBC Two. The game will be held at the First Direct Arena in Leeds and will feature England’s top player, Jack Brown, as a starter.

The Premier League match between Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa will begin at 2pm and will be televised on Sky Sports Main Event. The match between Luton Town and Liverpool will start at 4pm.

Source: theguardian.com