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Tonight on television: Dynamo successfully avoids being buried alive in a live broadcast.

Dynamo is Dead

9pm, Sky Max

“It is now the moment to eliminate Dynamo.” The illusionist is preparing for his most daring feat yet – being buried alive and escaping during a live broadcast – in order to symbolize his rebirth. Before this climactic event at the end of the show, he speaks with celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Tony Hawk, and Chris Martin about mental health and even performs some tricks for them.

Stacey Solomon’s Crafty Christmas

8pm, BBC One

Stacey Solomon is dedicated to finding solutions for people’s issues. After her successful Sort Your Life Out series, she returns with clever holiday tips and tricks. She shares these at a volunteer party, where she enlists the assistance of her children and grandmother to make wreaths, decorations, and presents using common household items. Phil Harrison

The Hidden Brilliance of Contemporary Living

8pm, BBC Two

In the final installment of this captivating series, mathematician Hannah Fry shifts her focus to elevators. Being someone who has a fear of heights, she is hesitant about riding in a test elevator with a steep drop below. However, after examining all the parts of the elevator, which she is informed have a low risk of failure, she becomes more comfortable with the mechanics.

Dr Bolu Eso in Fur Babies.

Fur Babies

8pm, Channel 4


Imagine a version of “One Born Every Minute” focused on pets – that’s the premise of this series. While it may be difficult to witness animals giving birth, this week’s episode features vets James Greenwood and Bolu Eso assisting with the deliveries of cavapoochon dog Bindi and Maine Coon cat Kara. HRHRHR

43 Students from Mexico Have Gone Missing

9pm, BBC Two

The 2014 vanishing of 43 student teachers is a result of extreme corruption. The second part of this captivating documentary reveals the extent of the cover-up with interviews from prosecutor Omar Gómez Trejo and fugitive former police chief Tomás Zerón De Lucio. Ellen E Jones.


10pm, Sky Comedy


Monica Heisey’s amazing romantic comedy carries on as Sammy and Tom’s romance progresses, but can it thrive with a responsible single father and a carefree partygoer? An evening out with their friends, featuring Self Esteem’s Rebecca Lucy Taylor as Sammy’s sharp-witted roommate, could determine their fate. HR:

Film choice

A scene from Starcrossed

The film “Your Name” was released in 2016 and will be showing on Film4 at 11pm.

Makoto Shinkai, a renowned filmmaker in the genre of romantic anime for young adults, has two movies airing on Channel 4 this week. The first one is Your Name, a charming and emotionally charged fantasy that combines teenage romance with metaphysical themes. The story follows a small-town girl and a boy in Tokyo who discover that their dreams, in which they switch bodies, are actually a real-life phenomenon. As they navigate through the awkwardness and curiosity of inhabiting each other’s lives, they also end up helping or hindering each other’s daily routines. However, their connection is abruptly severed, leaving the boy, Taki, with a perplexing mystery to unravel. The second film by Shinkai, Weathering With You, will be airing tomorrow night.

Dance First (James Marsh, 2023), 6.55am, 6.05pm, Sky Cinema premiere


This movie about the Nobel Prize winner Samuel Beckett is just as broken, daunting, and humorous as his plays. Through a conversation with himself reminiscent of Godot, Beckett (played by Gabriel Byrne) revisits moments from his past in an attempt to understand and maybe even find forgiveness for his guilt. His time in Paris working for his idol James Joyce (played by Aidan Gillen), his involvement with Joyce’s daughter who suffered from mental illness, his participation in the French resistance, and his two significant loves offer intriguing insights into Beckett’s astute perspective on life.

Source: theguardian.com