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TikTok users are contributing to the surge in popularity of Sarah J Maas' "romantasy" books for Bloomsbury.

TikTok users are contributing to the surge in popularity of Sarah J Maas’ “romantasy” books for Bloomsbury.

The company Bloomsbury has increased its yearly earnings predictions due to the success of the newest book by fantasy writer Sarah J Maas, which has achieved high rankings on bestseller lists globally thanks to fans promoting her work on TikTok.

The publishing company based in Britain informed investors that its profits for the year will exceed initial predictions made in December. This can be largely attributed to the publication of Maas’s newest book, House of Flame and Shadow.

On January 30th, Maas published the third installment in her series about Bryce Quinlan, a hybrid of human and fairy, set in the magical world of Crescent City.

House of Flame and Shadow by Sarah J Maas

Maas’s novels in the “romantasy” genre have become incredibly popular, with House of Flame and Shadow topping the bestseller lists in the US, UK, Australia, and several other nations.

In the United Kingdom, it achieved the third-highest sales among fantasy novels since tracking began, with 44,761 copies sold in its initial week. The publisher stated that the recent release also sparked interest in the 15 previous books written by Maas for Bloomsbury.

The company, famous for printing the Harry Potter books, announced that it anticipated reporting higher pre-tax earnings than what the market predicted. The market forecasted profits of £37.2m for the fiscal year ending on February 29, with a turnover of £291.4m.

On Wednesday, the investment firm Investec revised their projections for the company, anticipating a yearly profit of £48.1m and a turnover of £329.3m. As a result, the company’s shares increased by almost 10%, reaching 539p, the highest level since its initial public offering in 1994.

The publisher has signed a contract for six additional books from Maas. Her fame has been boosted by her growing presence on popular social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, where fans are spreading their enthusiasm for her books with their followers.

Authors of the “romantasy” genre, blending elements of fantasy and romance, are still seeing strong sales.

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The series “Fourth Wing” by Rebecca Yarros has gained significant popularity. Yarros’ latest book, “Iron Flame,” has broken records as the top-selling fantasy book, selling 57,055 copies in its first week of release in November.

Nigel Newton, the CEO of Bloomsbury, stated that the company had a particularly successful trading period due to the growing interest in fantasy novels. He also noted that the author Sarah J Maas, whose first book was signed by Bloomsbury 13 years ago, has become a publishing sensation.

“According to Newton, the books written by her have a large and expanding fan base, supported by Bloomsbury’s extensive marketing efforts. This has led to a significant increase in word-of-mouth promotion, especially through TikTok and Instagram platforms.”

Bloomsbury also cited other recent releases that contributed to their increase in sales, such as the Harry Potter Wizarding Almanac, Tom Kerridge’s Pub Kitchen cookbook, and Ghosts, the book based on the hit BBC comedy.

Source: theguardian.com