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The video games that you might have overlooked in the year 2023.
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The video games that you might have overlooked in the year 2023.

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale

The genre of battle royale games has become overdone. However, this year, a crucial new element has been introduced: head-banging pigeons. Not only does this provide entertaining content for Twitch, but the combination of rhythm game and multiplayer battle also offers a collection of wildly enjoyable and easily accessible mini-games, with a touch of absurdity.
PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch


Is this possibly one of the most innovative puzzle mechanics ever? The Viewfinder feature allows you to take photos within the game, hold them up, and have them impact your in-game environment. It functions seamlessly, promoting enjoyment and imagination in equal amounts. Simply concentrate and see the magic happen. BAM
PlayStation 5, PC

Tin Hearts

Increasingly inventive … Tin Hearts

Imagine a combination of Lemmings and a charming Victorian toy box, with all the whimsy and fantasy you would expect from the creators of Fable. Discover new and imaginative methods to lead a group of small tin soldiers to their destination, accompanied by a heartbreaking story that will tug at your heartstrings much like a fallen toy soldier. BAM
PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, Meta Quest 2


Jusant is a significant departure from Don’t Nod’s previous Life is Strange games, eschewing dialogue and characters for a meditative climb through lost cultures and alien biomes toward a towering peak. This wonderfully paced, relaxed but engaging adventure has all the reserved beauty and magic of a Team Ico game. Nic Reuben
PlayStation 5, Xbox, PC

Gubbins is a game involving words.

Gubbins is an addictive word game for mobile devices that takes the concept of Scrabble and transforms it into a fast-paced and unpredictable challenge. The game features a flexible board and introduces unique linguistic obstacles that can drastically change the course of the game. Combining fun with intellectual value, Gubbins also boasts a highly shareable endgame where players strive to create the most ridiculous postcard using their scrambled words. This game, created by Sarah Thwaites, is sure to keep players entertained for hours.
iOS, Android

Reworded: “Ishin!” is the title of a game called “Like a Dragon.”

Plenty of brawling … Like a Dragon: Ishin!

he game “Like a Dragon: Ishin!” is based on the 2014 Yakuza game of the same name, using its foundation to tell a story set in the Edo period of Japanese history. It incorporates elements of comedy, Japanese history, and hand-to-hand combat, and features recognizable characters from the Yakuza series as well as a version of Don Quixote set in the Bakumatsu era. Ishin has been adapted to appeal to the increasing number of western players enjoying the Yakuza franchise.
PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, PC

The Last Faith

The Last Faith is a game that draws inspiration from Bloodborne and Castlevania. However, it manages to avoid being a mere copycat by carefully selecting which elements to incorporate and which to disregard. It is highly recommended for those who felt that Blasphemous was too overwhelming.

Reworded: Gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

This text cannot be reworded.

Wo Long dares ask the question: “what if the Romance of the Three Kingdoms were told by a horrible masochist?” Following on from Team Ninja’s Nioh series, Wo Long strikes out from the confines of the “Souls-like” genre, firmly establishing the Japanese studio as an alternative to FromSoft for people who like their games difficult, digressive and daft. DP
PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, PC

Dungeon Golf

Wicked sense of humour … Dungeon Golf

Ant Workshop’s Dungeon Golf is a delightful fusion of dungeon-crawling RPGs and mini golf. The game offers entertainment through its RPG elements, but it truly shines in its attention to detail with ball physics and level design. Additionally, the game has a charmingly twisted sense of humor, with some cleverly cringe-worthy golf puns. – Graeme Mason

Full Void

Lovers of dark futuristic movies and traditional 16-bit video games like Another World and Flashback will surely enjoy Full Void’s bleak environment and enjoyable 2D platform-jumping. The release is also well-timed, as it tells the tale of a rebellious AI that keeps humans confined to their homes while the outside world crumbles. That’s scary. Good morning.

Personal computers, PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch consoles, Xbox consoles.


uchacho Man, the main character in WrestleQuest, takes players on an epic journey from rookie wrestler to superstar, in a game filled with larger-than-life characters and intense body slams. Even for those who aren’t fans of wrestling, WrestleQuest offers a surprisingly immersive and thrilling experience.
PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox

Killer Frequency

Reworded: In the era of the 1980s, there is a murderer on the loose and the sole individual capable of providing assistance is a radio DJ who works late at night. You are in charge of this DJ and must utilize any available information to lead callers to safety and away from the killer. However, the game’s dark humor adds a unique aspect where failure can also be satisfying, just like success.
PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, Meta Quest 2

Reworded: A Message for the Future Season

Meditation on mortality … Season: A Letter to the Future

This game is a combination of PokĂ©mon Snap and an Attenborough simulation. It tells a heartfelt story where you play as the chronicler of a dying world. With a bicycle, camera, and notebook, you explore the remaining days before a catastrophic event and capture the last moments of a civilization, environment, and way of life in your scrapbook. It is a serene, stunning, and thought-provoking reflection on death, heritage, and the impact we have on the world. – Tom Regan
PlayStation 4/5, PC

Planet of Lana


Planet of Lana takes inspiration from Playdead’s Limbo and Inside, presenting a new take on the eerie side-scrolling genre with its watercolor tropical setting. Influenced by Ghibli and artist Simon StĂĄlenhag, this visually stunning platformer follows protagonist Lana as she escapes danger, accompanied by a lovable alien creature. In contrast to the long, epic games of 2023, this delightful adventure offers a shorter, yet refreshing experience.
Xbox, PC

Wall World

In the game “Wall World,” you play as a spider-like mech and must balance between mining for resources to upgrade your vehicle and defending against waves of aliens by manning the gunner’s seat on the surface. However, your desire for more resources can lead to your defeat. Written by Julian Benson.
Nintendo Switch, PC

Endless Dungeon

Your stranded and unconventional team must navigate the labyrinthine and shadowy rooms of Endless Dungeon’s space station, similar to the Bermuda Triangle. However, every time you open a door, there is a chance of unleashing a swarm of enemies from the uncharted areas you have already explored.
, iOS

The gaming consoles and devices include PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC, Android, and iOS.


Thronefall is a charmingly relaxed game of strategy that allows you to take command of a tiny ruler protecting their realm from demonic invasions. By repelling challenging hordes of creatures every evening, you can accumulate gold to strengthen your city’s fortifications and recruit soldiers to endure future onslaughts. JB

DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Rinne Tensei

The shoot’em up game is considered the most authentic in the world of video games. Among enthusiasts, none has surpassed the excellence of 2002’s DoDonPachi DaiOuJou, a remarkable creation by Cave, a studio highly regarded for perfecting the genre. This recent reissue is packed with bonuses and enhancements for a better gaming experience, showcasing how to pay homage to older works while proving that newer doesn’t always equal superior in this technology-driven industry. – Simon Parkin
Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Saltsea Chronicles

Dreamlike, stylish … Saltsea Chronicles

IL Gennem denne drømmende, danske hav-eventyr, styrer du en besætning på jagt efter en forsvundet besætningsmedlem. Dens purpurfarvede, efterårsfarvede farveskema og klæbemærke-æstetik infunderer ø-verdenen med en varm atmosfære, der opvejer dens apokalyptiske grundlag. Stilfuld, tankevækkende og ofte bevægende.
PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac


This story of a female trucker trying to take a mysterious girl home makes the most of its setting and beautiful art, to take you deep into Slavic folklore. Its choices feel meaningful and the writing is very evocative, an all-around lovely narrative snack that’s too good to go underappreciated. Malindy Hetfeld
PC, Nintendo Switch

The Sisterhood of the Cosmic Wheel

I have a great appreciation for tarot cards, therefore I was captivated when this game gave me the opportunity to create my own. The use of tarot in decision-making and the intricate worldbuilding are notable aspects, but like traditional tarot, one must be comfortable with relinquishing full control over decisions and embracing a touch of mysticism. MH
PC, Nintendo Switch


Brilliant character writing … Videoverse

Videoverse perfectly captures the experience of being an internet game enthusiast in the early 2000s, while also delivering emotional blows through well-crafted character development. This game served as a reminder of my love for gaming.

CorpoNation: The Prologue

You are an insignificant employee in a corporate laboratory, performing repetitive tests on chemical products until the oppressive reality of your employer slowly reveals itself. CorpoNation: The Prologue, a preview of the upcoming game, is a captivating sci-fi twist on Papers, Please with imaginative elements. Written by Keith Stuart.

Lethal Company

Think of Phasmophobia, the cooperative horror game, but in a space setting – that’s basically Lethal Company. In this game, players explore dead moons to collect scrap while trying to avoid terrifying alien creatures that jump out at them. The gameplay is a mix of excitement and intense stress as players must constantly take risks to meet their goals. KS


Arresting visual … Humanity

As a glowing shiba inu, you find yourself in the afterlife tasked with leading groups of wandering humans through complex levels towards a bright light. The slow-moving crowds can give off an unsettling vibe in this puzzle game, making for a captivating visual experience that lingers in your mind for days. – Keza MacDonald
PlayStation 4/5, PC


A watercoloured reminiscence about long summer holidays spent in France. Returning as an adult to her grandmother’s house, the protagonist finds that every object is dense with memories, and must uncover family secrets as she relives her childhood. KM

The gaming platforms include PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


Spirittea is a simulation game that focuses on managing life and resources. The player leaves the busy city life behind to live in a small town and run a bath house for spirits from another realm. Fans of Stardew Valley will enjoy the gameplay, and the graphics and music have a nostalgic feel reminiscent of EarthBound. This game requires patience and rewards players who take the time to complete tasks and uncover mysteries. – Sarah Maria Griffin
, and PlayStation are all popular gaming platforms.

Gaming fans enjoy playing on Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation – all of which are highly sought after gaming systems.

Turbo Overkill

Outrageous delight … Turbo Overkill

In 2023, the top first-person shooter game takes you on a thrilling ride through a futuristic city as a cyborg seeking revenge, equipped with a chainsaw leg. Filled with unique weapons, fast-paced fights, and ever-evolving levels, Turbo Overkill is an action-packed and exhilarating experience from beginning to end. By Rick Lane.
PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch

Amnesia: The Bunker

Combining innovative thinking and a gripping sense of fear, Frictional Games’ newest horror game puts you in the role of a French soldier from World War I, stuck in an abandoned bunker. With only a pistol and clockwork flashlight, you must avoid the lurking creature as you try to find a way out.
PlayStation 4, Xbox, PC

Aliens: Dark Descent

This game is the perfect representation of the intense atmosphere portrayed in James Cameron’s movie, Aliens. In Aliens: Dark Descent, players lead groups of colonial marines through extensive top-down levels. While it is possible to take breaks during missions, there is a time limit for completing objectives. Therefore, the key to success lies in knowing when to push your squads to their limits before they are overtaken by the dangerous Xenomorphs.
PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, PC

A Highland Song

Adventurous territory … A Highland Song

A young girl is on a quest to find her uncle who resides in a lighthouse 40 miles from her. The game is set in the Scottish Highlands, with changing weather and a day-night cycle, and is a 2-D platformer that expands the genre into more adventurous territory. Getting lost has never been so enjoyable.
PC, Nintendo Switch

Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo

Paranormasight is a Japanese ghost story presented as a visual novel. The game involves directing conversations and solving light logic puzzles, but the events surrounding the brutal murders in the abandoned Honjo district are far from simple. This horror game builds gradually and culminates in a surprisingly emotional climax.
, and Android

Personal computer, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices.


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