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“The top seven shows to stream this week are available on Platform 7 and include John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial”

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Platform 7

Train stations are emotional locations that bring to mind both happy and sad moments. Lisa Evans (known for her role in Top Boy as Jasmine Jobson) seems to be trapped in one such place: after taking her own life, her spirit roams the platforms. However, when she meets Edward (played by Phil Davis), who is also deceased, things start to change. She begins to question the circumstances of her death. How did her seemingly perfect life take a turn for the worse? Based on Louise Doughty’s novel, this drama is thought-provoking and moving as Lisa observes her devastated partner, grieving parents, and guilty best friend. She also becomes curious about her partner’s peculiar roommate. Jobson, who is currently gaining recognition, delivers a superb and perceptive performance as the main character.

On Thursday, December 7th, ITVX will be available.

John Lennon was killed without having a fair trial.

John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial.

The shooting of John Lennon in December 1980 was not only tragic but also unusual. The motive behind the crime was not clear, and the perpetrator, Mark Chapman, did not try to escape but rather stayed at the scene and waited to be taken into custody. This intriguing series delves into the case, focusing on the question of why the crime was committed rather than who committed it. It also delves into Lennon’s life at the time and the aftermath of his death. The emotional footage of the large and tearful vigil serves as a stark contrast to the frenzy surrounding the Beatles during their early years.

Starting on Wednesday, December 6th, 2019, Apple TV+ will be available.


Nicola Coughlan and Billy Jenkins in Dodger.

Rhys Thomas and Lucy Montgomery have brought back their fantastic children’s show, featuring a clever and modern take on the Artful Dodger. This show is not just for kids, as adults will also be delighted by the talented cast, including Christopher Eccleston as Fagin and guest appearances from Paul Whitehouse, Nicola Coughlan, and Javone Prince. As we follow the group’s adventures, they set their sights on stealing the Crown Jewels during Queen Victoria’s coronation. This seems like the perfect opportunity for some mischief.
BBC iPlayer, from Friday 29 November

Blood Coast

Blood Coast.

“I have a fondness for this city because of its wild nature. In order to maintain control in such a chaotic place, I rely on the help of unconventional police officers.” This new French crime show features Jeanne Goursaud as Alice Vidal, the dedicated officer responsible for restoring order in Marseille. Despite its lively atmosphere, the city is currently facing drug-related conflicts as a ruthless new dealer attempts to dominate the market. Enter Vidal’s team of rebels who, in typical maverick cop fashion, enjoy utilizing unorthodox (and possibly illegal) methods to achieve their goals.

On Wednesday, December 6th of 2017, Netflix became available.

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My Life With the Walter Boys

Ashby Gentry as Alex and Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie in My Life with the Walter Boys.

A pretty boilerplate fish-out-of-water teen drama based on a novel by Ali Novak and starring Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie Howard, a 15-year-old New Yorker who loses her family in a tragic accident and is forced to relocate to Colorado. It proceeds along fairly predictable lines – initially, her large, boisterous new family is slightly overwhelming but, via horses, boys and some good old rural warmth and common sense, she begins to enjoy her new life. However, the local mean girls soon begin to resent her big city sophistication.
to Thursday 14 December

From December 7th to December 14th, Netflix will be available.

World War II: From the Frontlines

World War II: From the Frontlines.

In 2018, Peter Jackson released a documentary titled They Shall Not Grow Old that showcased the power of modern production techniques when applied to old film footage. This new series, narrated by John Boyega, aims to do the same with footage from the second world war. By using a combination of original film and personal accounts, the series retells well-known stories from the war. Viewers can anticipate feeling a deeper sense of appreciation and understanding, as the addition of colorization brings historical events to life in a truly impactful way.

On Thursday, December 7, 2017, Netflix will be available.

High Tides

Pommelien Thijs in High Tides.

The language used in this drama may be unfamiliar, as it is in Flemish. However, the storyline is fairly typical: a group of wealthy teenagers spend their summer in a seaside town, searching for love and dealing with the challenges of friendship as they approach adulthood. The setting is usually filled with swimming pools, motor boats, and luxurious mansions. However, there is also a subplot that delves into the mental health struggles of one member of the group, as she tries to navigate her issues while also facing the normal challenges of being a teenager. This adds a unique aspect to an otherwise generic story.
to Friday 8 December

From Thursday, December 7th to Friday, December 8th, Netflix will be available.

Source: theguardian.com