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The top seven movies to tune into this week on television, from Sound of Metal to Tremors.
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The top seven movies to tune into this week on television, from Sound of Metal to Tremors.

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Sound of Metal

Could deafness be considered a disability? This is the question that troubles Ruben, a rock drummer and recovering addict (played brilliantly by Riz Ahmed, who received an Oscar nomination for his role), in Darius Marder’s thought-provoking drama. When he suddenly loses his hearing while on tour, Ruben is filled with anger and fear. His partner and bandmate Lou (played by Olivia Cooke) convinces him to seek answers at a rural deaf community. There, under the guidance of their patient leader Joe (Paul Raci), Ruben begins to see a potential future for himself. However, the option of cochlear implant surgery, which could restore some of his hearing, presents a difficult decision for Ruben as he grapples with his new reality. Ahmed’s powerful performance draws the audience into Ruben’s emotional journey in a story that centers around sound – and its absence.

On Sunday at 10:30 PM, tune in to BBC Two.

Good Grief

Daniel Levy, Ruth Negga and Himesh Patel in Good Grief.


Marc (played by Daniel Levy) has spent one year mourning the loss of his husband Oliver (played by Luke Evans), who died in a car accident. He is supported by his close friends, the energetic Sophie (played by the amazing Ruth Negga) and the more somber Thomas (played by Himesh Patel). However, new information about Oliver’s life causes Marc to question their marriage and he turns to a trip to Paris, known for its romantic atmosphere, to sort out his emotions. Levy, known for his role in Schitt’s Creek, makes his debut as a writer and director with this emotional story that starts as a tear-jerker but becomes a more subtle and complex tale of grief and betrayal, with touches of humor.
Out now, Netflix

She had on a yellow ribbon.

John Wayne And Ben Johnson In She Wore A Yellow Ribbon.

The monolithic joys of Monument Valley and star John Wayne are on full display in John Ford’s mature western. It’s a move away from the reductive “cowboys and Indians” template, giving depth to the cavalry’s ostensible enemies. Wayne’s captain Nathan Brittles is six days away from retirement when news of the defeat of Custer at Little Big Horn puts his fort on high alert. Using all his experience, Brittles manages his young troops and his commander’s wife and niece while avoiding sparking a pitched battle with Native American warriors. SW

On Saturday at 1pm, tune in to BBC Two.


Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon in Tremors.

Despite the unfortunate follow-up films (six sequels and a TV spin-off), the enjoyment of this 1990 horror comedy should not be overlooked. In a plot similar to that of a western, a group of individuals become trapped in a small town in the Nevada desert, only to be attacked by massive underground worms. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward play the role of unlikely heroes who discover that stepping on the ground triggers the creatures’ aggression. Fortunately, their group includes a geology student and a survivalist couple who offer potential solutions. SW

On Saturday at 9pm, Comedy Central will be airing.

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Parallel Mothers

Milena Smit and Penélope Cruz in Parallel Mothers.

Pedro Almodóvar’s 2021 twisty Spanish drama explores family secrets in the domestic and national spheres and features a standout performance from Penélope Cruz. She plays photographer Janis, who gets pregnant by a forensic anthropologist investigating the forgotten civil war victims of Franco – including her ancestors. When her newborn gets swapped with that of the young Ana (Milena Smit), fate intertwines their lives. The political subplot deserves more space but it’s still a forceful experience. SW

“Saturday at 9pm on BBC Four”

While We Watched

Chilling and enraging … Ravish Kumar in While We Watched.

During an Indian election, Vinay Shukla’s documentary serves as a poignant reminder of the diminishing democratic rights under Narendra Modi’s leadership as prime minister. The film centers on Ravish Kumar, a seasoned journalist who works for the independent news outlet NDTV. His efforts to combat the spreading of nationalist propaganda in the media have resulted in him being labeled a “traitor”. Additionally, he faces death threats and financial struggles due to the owners’ financial difficulties, making it challenging for him to fulfill his duties. The documentary is both unsettling and infuriating, prompting reflection on the state of political discourse in the UK. SW
Sun, 12.30am, Channel 4

The Eyes of Orson Welles

Orson Welles.

Recently, it has become difficult to uncover a fresh perspective on the extensively analyzed career of Orson Welles, a brilliant figure in film and theatre. However, in this wide-ranging documentary essay, Mark Cousins has successfully uncovered a new angle. Using Welles’s own drawings and paintings as a basis, Cousins aims to create a visual representation of Welles’s life, utilizing his talent for capturing captivating images to reveal how Welles perceived the world and what caught his interest. It is a daring and intimate approach, but it will bring viewers back to Welles’s films with a renewed perspective. SW

On Thursday at 11:40pm, BBC Four.

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