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The top seven movies to catch on television this week: "Killers of the Flower Moon" and "The Kitchen".
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The top seven movies to catch on television this week: “Killers of the Flower Moon” and “The Kitchen”.

Pick of the week

Killers of the Flower Moon

Similar to The Irishman, Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon has a lengthy runtime. Now available for home viewing, viewers have the freedom to watch it in one sitting of 206 minutes or break it up into smaller segments like a miniseries. However, the important thing is to actually watch it. The film delves into the complicated and significant topic of the real-life murders in the Osage community following the discovery of oil on tribal land. Lily Gladstone delivers a standout performance that could be argued as the best of the year. The soundtrack, composed by Robbie Robertson, is haunting and powerful. And without giving anything away, the ending is just as bold as any of Scorsese’s previous works.

Apple TV+ is now available.

Role Play

Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo in Role Play.

Kaley Cuoco’s role in The Flight Attendant was a successful reintroduction to her career, taking her from a typical sitcom actress to a lead role in a challenging and suspenseful Hitchcock-inspired thriller. With Role Play, Cuoco hopes to continue this momentum. The film is an action comedy featuring David Oyelowo, and follows a married couple who decide to add some excitement to their relationship, only for the husband to discover that his wife is actually an international assassin. The movie has similarities to the story of Mr & Mrs Smith (which is currently being remade by Amazon), and also stars Bill Nighy as a suave villain.

Currently available, Prime Video streaming service.

Decision to Leave

Tang Wei in Decision to Leave.

Park Chan-wook is almost single-handedly responsible for revitalising South Korean cinema, first with blockbuster Joint Security Area, and then with all-time classic Oldboy. But this might just be his greatest offering yet. A thrilling noir romance about an insomniac cop and a potential murder suspect, the film is supercharged by dazzling central performances by Tang Wei and Park Hae-il and an ending that will devastate you for months. Later this year, Park will direct Robert Downey Jr in HBO’s The Sympathiser. This is exactly the thing to whet your appetite.

On Saturday, January 13th at 9pm, tune in to BBC Four.

Hope and Glory

Geraldine Muir and Sebastian Rice-Edwards in Hope and Glory.

John Boorman’s film about growing up in London during World War II received numerous award nominations in 1987, including five Oscars, 13 Baftas, and a Golden Globe. The film’s success can be attributed to its ability to balance two seemingly opposite tones. On one hand, it presents a raw and unflinching portrayal of the horrors of war. On the other hand, it also offers a heartwarming and comedic perspective on the blitz through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy who sees the bombs as fireworks and even cheers for Hitler for bombing a school. Many have attempted to strike this delicate balance, but Boorman’s film surpasses all others.

On Saturday, January 13th at 10:30pm, tune in to BBC Two.

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In the Earth

In The Earth.

In the fall of 2020, during the rising concern of Covid’s resurgence, enigmatic filmmaker Ben Wheatley revealed that he had recently completed shooting an entire movie in the outskirts of Bristol in just two weeks. The end product was In the Earth, a chilling and perplexing film. Combining elements from Wheatley’s previous works Kill List and A Field in England, the movie follows Joel Fry and Ellora Torchia as they experience a trippy mix of folk horror, filled with ghosts, spells, body mutilations, and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

On Saturday, January 13th, at 11:20pm, Film4 will be airing.

The Creator

John David Washington in The Creator.

Gareth Edwards appeared to have left independent projects to work on franchise films for a period of time. However, after 10 years of creating movies about Star Wars and Godzilla, Edwards went back to developing original ideas with his latest project, an exciting science fiction thriller centered around artificial intelligence. The film takes place during a conflict between humans and AI, resulting in the destruction of Los Angeles by a nuclear attack. John David Washington plays a former special forces member who is tasked with finding a mysterious individual and restoring peace. The film faced some challenges upon its release due to strikes last year, but it is expected to gain a devoted following among those who appreciate its bold and ambitious nature.
Wednesday 17 January, Disney+

The Kitchen

Kano and Jedaiah Bannerman in The Kitchen.

Daniel Kaluuya has had a remarkable ascent in his acting career, going from small roles to winning an Oscar and becoming an icon. With this success, he is now looking to expand into directing. His first project, The Kitchen, is a collaboration with Kibwe Tavares and tells the story of a funeral worker in a futuristic London favela. The film’s impressive design, reminiscent of Blade Runner and District 9, is fueled by anger. It’s exciting to think about the potential for Kaluuya’s future directing endeavors based on this debut.
Friday 19 January, Netflix

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