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The Plot: The Political Assassination of Boris Johnson by Nadine Dorries review – the treachery of ‘Oddjob’, ‘The Wolf’ and ‘Dr No’


As soon as this article is published, I will be submitting my resignation to the editor. I feel that I have let him, as well as the Observer and its readers, down. Despite being the chief political commentator for this newspaper for 30 years, I was unaware of a malicious conspiracy that has been working to manipulate and ultimately destroy leaders of the Conservative party. Thanks to the persistence and bravery of Nadine Dorries, we can now reveal a shocking trail of betrayal and dishonesty driven by a relentless pursuit of power, which poses a threat to the very foundation of our democracy. How did I not see this fabric-tearing treachery and deceit? It is somewhat comforting that other British political journalists also missed it. However, it is chilling to consider the possibility that they may have been secretly involved in these nefarious plots.

My past experiences of not recognizing obvious situations began when Iain Duncan Smith was removed as leader of the Conservative party in 2003. I believed he was fired by fellow MPs due to his incompetence, as he was nicknamed “In Deep Shit” by some of them. However, Nadine (also known as Nads) uncovers the truth that IDS’s successful career was cut short by a secret group within the Tory party called “The Movement.” This revelation is even more alarming. I naively thought that Theresa May’s leadership fell apart because of her failed campaign in the 2017 general election and her inability to secure a Brexit deal that Parliament would approve. But how could I have been so blind, Rawnsley? May was also a victim of The Movement, a group of unelected men who have controlled the Conservative party for the past 25 years. And it gets worse. I believed that Liz Truss only lasted 49 days as Prime Minister because of her disastrous “mini-budget” that caused chaos in the economy. However, Nads uncovers that her downfall was orchestrated by The Movement, who created a false dossier about her to undermine her leadership. This dossier has never been made public, but it was just as damaging to her tenure as Prime Minister.

Nads, a sincere and honest person, admits to having hesitations about publishing her discoveries. She feared the potential consequences of revealing the truth and risking everything she holds dear. She reflects, “I was faced with a difficult decision: should I continue in my position or step down to write this book?” The dramatic music should be played here. “I would have to give up everything I loved – my job, and possibly even my role as an MP.” Despite these sacrifices, she showed great dedication to the truth by moving forward with her book, even if it meant leaving her cabinet seat. This seat was adorned by her brilliant intellect and graceful demeanor, and she also had to set aside her legendary commitment to the people of Mid Bedfordshire. Personally, I am touched by her selfless spirit.

Now we must discuss the most shocking conspiracy of them all, the one that led to the downfall of Nads’s esteemed friend, Boris Johnson, just as he was at the height of his career. If you were as deceived as I was, you likely believed that it was the Owen Paterson scandal, the Chris Pincher scandal, and numerous other scandals, including the infamous Partygate, that ultimately caused his downfall. There was also a mass resignation of ministers in the summer of 2022, with even Conservative MPs admitting they could no longer tolerate his immoral actions and lies. It took Nads, a woman known for her unrivaled investigative skills and unwavering integrity, to uncover the grim truth. It appears that there was a plot to remove her friend from office even before the 2019 election because he had fulfilled his purpose for The Movement, who wanted to replace him with their chosen “Manchurian candidate.” This, of course, was none other than Rishi Sunak.

According to one of Nads’s confidential sources, Boris denies attending any parties. Nads meets with her sources at discreet locations, such as a Mayfair club and a Westminster pub, for their safety. She has also interviewed the former prime minister himself, who claims he was not aware of any parties and did not attend any. He compares the situation to the Salem witch trials. However, there are photographs of him at a party in Number 10 and he was fined for breaking lockdown regulations. The Metropolitan Police issued over 100 fines to people at Downing Street. It seems that this movement is capable of creating false memories in all of us.

Nads, being a clever woman, likely foresaw that detractors, most likely under the influence of The Movement, would try to undermine her bold efforts by labeling this book as a nonsensical and spiteful attack, fueled by her anger towards Mr Sunak for denying her the promised peerage from Mr Johnson.

Boris Johnson greets Nadine Dorries before the Conservative leadership hustings in Wyboston, Bedfordshire, July 2019

Let’s clarify that Nads has thoroughly supported her statements by conducting interviews with key “sources”. It is unfortunate that many of them choose to remain anonymous, but it is to be expected when dealing with a conspiracy as sinister as this one. One of these sources is referred to as “Moneypenny” and another is disguised as “M”. You may notice a pattern here. Two other sources are identified as “Bambi and Thumper”. Fans of James Bond’s adversaries, who may see a resemblance between Boris Johnson and the infamous spy, will recognize Bambi and Thumper as members of Spectre, an organization known for its fear-inducing tactics, much like The Movement.

The essential information to uncover is the true identities of the masterminds behind the long-standing conspiracy that has influenced the rise and fall of Tory leaders, including the esteemed Conservative prime minister. Nads, please reveal the culprits responsible. However, the author disappoints by citing legal limitations that prevent full disclosure. She is unable to name “Dr No”, the enigmatic figure with immense power who remains unnamed but feared by all. According to her, Dr No is secretly working for Mr Sunak and has a reputation of using intimidating tactics, such as nailing a dead pet rabbit to a door belonging to the ex-girlfriend’s younger brother. This revelation has kept me up at night. Nads also implicates an obscure party member known as “The Wolf”, who is unknown to most MPs. These individuals are exceptionally cunning, as they are virtually unknown but hold great influence over others. The party member goes by the alias “The Wolf” in reference to the character played by Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction. Moving on from Bond references, there is “The Dark Lord”, also known as Dominic Cummings. And back to Bond again with “Oddjob”, who is undoubtedly Michael Gove.

Looking at them from an outside perspective, they may not seem like skilled conspirators. Govey has never held a high-ranking government position and failed in his attempts to become the leader of the Tory party. Cummings caused chaos in Downing Street for a period of time, but was ultimately fired by Johnson less than a year after the 2019 election. However, this only serves to confirm their cunning tactics, pretending to be less influential than they truly are. After being exposed by Nads, Dr No has remained silent, which is a clever move on his part. Gove and Cummings, on the other hand, have tried to brush it off with humor, with the latter smugly stating that Nadine is correct about their involvement in a massive conspiracy involving multiple intelligence agencies. But we are not fooled by your deceitful ways, Dark Lord. We see you now, we see you.

I will defer to a conspiracy expert who praises Nads on Twitter/X and claims she has verified “what I have been stating for 30 years, and this is just a portion of it.” David Icke, who highly recommends this author, also stated: “There is another group controlling the Labour party, and both groups are accountable to a higher group – the Cult.”

The following is a sequel to The Cult! Hello, Nads.


Chief Political Commentator of the Observer, Andrew Rawnsley holds this title.

Source: theguardian.com