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The most exciting moments, memorable owl appearances, and the revelation of Diane's secret are the top 10 highlights of The Traitors up to this point.
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The most exciting moments, memorable owl appearances, and the revelation of Diane’s secret are the top 10 highlights of The Traitors up to this point.

Who rules the fortress? And who is the deceitful villain? Every Wednesday, before the release of three new episodes of the popular BBC series, we will summarize the plot, make predictions, and analyze the significant discussions. Let the betrayal commence…

1 That killer cliffhanger

Unfortunately, the ending of the episode elicited cries of frustration from viewers across the country. The cliffhangers in the first season were not as cunning as this one. The latest episode ended with the revelation of the fourth traitor, while the second episode hinted at the identity of the next victim. However, the most excruciating cliffhanger was yet to come.

Following a tumultuous roundtable discussion filled with accusations and a close tie, Ash and Brian ended up with six votes each, while Diane only received three. The only one left to cast their vote was Anthony, the chess coach in a gilet, who was seen flipping over his chalkboard. Who will he choose to eliminate? It is unlikely to be Diane as he wants to reconcile with his former enemy. Will he be influenced by Brian’s strange outburst or the general suspicion surrounding Ash’s intentions? I am concerned for Ash.

The mic drop moment between a mother and her son.

This shocking twist in the story was as dramatic as something you would see on the TV show EastEnders, with a character exclaiming, “You’re not my mother!” only to have the other character respond, “Yes, I am!” The revelation that Paul, a traitor, and Diane, who remained loyal, both had red hair led to rumors that they could be related. However, Diane, a retired teacher, adamantly denied that Paul could be her son. Then, with a dramatic pause, she revealed that Ross was her son. This moment quickly became a popular meme.

The audience was taken by surprise. Initially, they noticed the varying accents of the participants – one being Irish and the other from Lancashire. However, were there hints being revealed all along? During the train ride to Ardross Castle, Diane casually inquired about why Ross had applied for the show. He responded, “Ironically, my mother signed me up.” She slyly smiled, later mentioning that she had watched the first season with her kids.

When Ross complained about his mum’s Sunday roasts in front of Diane, it was an impressive piece of acting on both sides. Eliminated contestant Kyra has since said that his glasses are a disguise and when Ross takes them off, the family resemblance is much more obvious. Naturally, they’ve been nicknamed “Diana Ross”. Bonus fact: Diane’s other son is actor Kerr Logan, best known as Matthew, Robin’s fiance, in Strike, and Matthos Seaworth in Game of Thrones.

Is it possible that we will discover more undisclosed relationships? Do not dismiss the idea. Let us not forget the surprise revelation of magician Tom and actor Alex as a couple in the previous season. Perhaps there is also a romantic connection between Zack and the owl.

3 ‘Silence please!’

We enjoy La Winkle’s assertive and commanding demeanor. Our host appears frustrated by the foolishness of the roundtable. She was visibly upset when the intelligent Sonja was voted off first. “You have just sent away a very intelligent and loyal player,” she scolded the disappointed guessers. Her expression during Brian’s stumble was also quite telling.

After Mollie, a model with a disability, voted to eliminate Anthony, he calmly reassured her by saying, “You’re showing bravery. That’s the purpose of this roundtable.” Claudia then told him to be quiet and stop interfering with the voting process. The edited version of the scene was 20 minutes long, so it’s uncertain how much time it took to film. She may have needed a rest.

The Traitors

Four betrayers betray one another.

“That didn’t last very long,” Paul slyly raised an eyebrow at Harry during the revote. Both of them quickly voted to eliminate their fellow traitor, Ash. Paul coldly justified his decision by stating that she had betrayed the cloaked side. The only one who remained loyal was veterinary nurse Miles. If Ash manages to survive by a narrow margin, the next secret meeting among the traitors in the tower will be delightfully uncomfortable. Let’s see what happens.

5 Brian’s brainstorm

“What the hell was that reaction?” asked Charlotte, speaking for the nation. Glaswegian photographer Brian was rattled by being voted the most likely to be a “sheep”. The harder he insisted it didn’t bother him, the more it did. By the tense roundtable, the thin-skinned Harry Potter-alike admitted he was “crumbling”.

During a performance focused on keeping a serious expression, disorganized and talkative Brian was unable to win a simple card game. He couldn’t control his urge to speak, causing him to fall into a deeper hole. “Is anyone else feeling unsure about whether I am or am not?” he blurted out without making any sense. “I would prefer to hear more towards the ‘am not’ side.” The scene then showed everyone looking confused.

“Could it be anxiety or repressed remorse?” inquired Jonny, a former soldier. It was difficult to witness his breakdown, but it resonated with the concept of succumbing to stress. Not everyone can be as powerful as Logan Roy; there also needs to be someone like Cousin Greg. If it must be said, then let it be, for it is true.

Barry, the owl who steals the show.

The show started off with a delightfully theatrical tone, showing Claudia writing on a scroll by candlelight while conversing with a messenger owl reminiscent of Hedwig. The owl, who steals the scene, also appears in cutaway shots, appearing wise on the castle walls. Claudia playfully named the owl Barry, but in reality it is an Indian eagle owl named Sage. Sage is often rented out for weddings to fly down the aisle and deliver the rings. Hoot hoot, I now pronounce you married.

7 Your money or your life

The challenges on the show, similar to those on The Apprentice, are still the least captivating aspect. However, the addition of the immunity shield twist has added an element of unpredictability to this second season. Each mission offers three shields that can protect against elimination but not expulsion. Zack, Jaz, Andrew, and Anthony have already caused tension among their fellow contestants by acquiring these shields.

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There is a major surprise in store for this week. As Claudia stated prior to entering the castle: “You believe you understand the rules of this game, but you do not.”

8 Harry: lip-lickingly good

Harry, an army engineer who acknowledges having a polarizing appearance, was determined to betray his alliance. He successfully achieved his desire and has proven to be a beneficial asset. He is like an apprentice to Darth Paul, who is a powerful Jedi.

Unfortunately, many people on social media expressed their disgust when Claudia lightly touched Harry’s shoulder while he was blindfolded during the selection meeting. He then deliberately licked his lips, reminiscent of Heath Ledger’s Joker or Hannibal Lecter. It seems he enjoyed the taste of deceit.

Diane enthusiastically punched the air in celebration when Sonja was sent away.

What just happened? She is a frightening adversary, but her unpredictable behavior may be Detective Diane’s downfall.

10 Those we have lost

We have said farewell to three individuals at this point. Dapper Aubrey, 67, who owned a cat named Luther Vandross (never too much), frequently boasted about his sharp observation skills and was the initial victim to be killed. Sonja, 66, had intended to use her knitting skills to make it to the end, but her playful sense of humor caused her to acquire a reputation for causing trouble, resulting in her expulsion.

The first two contestants to be eliminated were the oldest ones. Fortunately, any allegations of discrimination based on age were avoided when the youngest contestant, 21-year-old apprentice economist Kyra, was eliminated next. In this game, age is not a determining factor.

Scores on the castle doors

Top betrayer: Paul has chosen to be the pack’s leader, but it is Miles, the newest member, who is successfully staying undetected.

Favorite couple: It’s still early, but I really like Jasmine and Jonny. What are your thoughts?

This week’s quote is, “Ross exists.”

Winkleman wardrobe watch: A fabulous feast of tweed and tartan, but those red leather fingerless gloves take the crown.

The total amount of money collected so far is £27,000 out of a potential £31,000 after completing three tasks (beacon, birds, scarecrows).

As of now, there are four traitors still active. The faithfuls have lost three members, resulting in a remaining total of 15 out of 18.

The Traitors will air on BBC One tonight at 9pm.

Who will be the next to go? Who are your favorites and least favorites? Share your thoughts in the comments and join us next Wednesday for a breakdown of all the week two events. Until then, remain loyal.

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