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The live results of week five on Strictly Come Dancing were as follows: Here’s how things unfolded during the live results of week five on Strictly Come Dancing:

Thank you for tuning in with me, my shimmering squad. Our duos are now advancing to the sixth live show – the yearly celebration of scares known as the Halloween spooktacular. It will be broadcasted next Saturday at 6:40pm on BBC1. Bwa ha and, if you dare, ha.

It is hoped that Amanda Abbington will be able to make a full recovery and return to dance with her professional partner Giovanni Pernice. She possesses a natural ability to embody supernatural roles.

We will reconvene to evaluate the effectiveness of the Latin techniques and ballroom performances. In the meantime, remember to keep dancing as your motto for the week! Have a good night.

Can anyone share if they have ever received a 10 early on and then left soon after? It’s sad to see Eddie go because he seemed like a lively person, but his dancing didn’t progress as much as I expected.

Lastly, cuban0104 states: “I feel sorry for Eddie, the samba routine is harsh and he clearly put in more effort in his dancing compared to Zara. He’s a great guy, I’ll miss him.”

In regards to the dance-off, emilyscatnaps comments: “Congratulations to both couples. I believe Zara appeared more at ease, so if she gets eliminated, she has still performed admirably and should feel proud of herself.”

PretentiousPenguin shared: “I was surprised by that, I expected it to be more competitive. I believed Eddie performed better in the dance off. Some of Zara and Graziano’s lifts appeared clumsy.”

According to owbeck, the correct choice has been made, but there is concern that Zara may not have much time left, perhaps only a few weeks.

Tomatopincushion commented: “Bastille was such a beautiful and emotional performance. Our choir is currently going through an alphabetical list of songs, and my friend and I are eagerly anticipating P for Pompeii!”

Neko99 comments on the group dance, stating, “It has a distinct Austin Powers vibe, wouldn’t you agree?”

Lauren Oakley and Kai Widdrington dance to Bastille.

A brief yet enjoyable collection of your thoughts. neko99 inquires: “Will the upcoming Planet Earth III-themed group dance feature Neil and JoJo stuck on a fabricated rock, attempting to dance their way out of impending doom?”

AvenueMan mentions: “I was half anticipating Ginger Neil to make an appearance dressed as a flamingo during the Bastille/Planet Earth intermission.”

MssssMiddlechop asks for opinions on Claud’s dress, inspired by “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane,” and expresses enjoyment of the Fosse opening number.

The Strictly professionals’ opening dance.

Audiences now have the option to switch channels and watch Lenny Henry’s latest Windrush-themed drama, Three Little Birds, on ITV1, the woodworking competition Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker on Channel 4, the nature series Big Little Journeys on BBC2, or continue watching BBC1 for Antiques Roadshow filmed at Ebrington Square in Derry. Don’t miss out, Fiona Bruce.

The finale of chef drama Boiling Point will air on BBC1 at 9pm, while ITV1 will be showing a new police thriller called Six Four.

Looking for a movie to watch tonight? There are many options at 9pm such as The Babadook on BBC3, Love Actually on 5Star, or Carrie on Sky Sci-Fi. Is it too early for scary movies?

Karen Hauer, a fiery dancer from Venezuela, may hold the title as Strictly’s longest-running professional, but her performance in recent years has not been up to par. She has not made it past the Halloween special since 2020, when she made it to the final with Jamie Laing.

For three consecutive years, Karen has placed 12th in the rankings – first with Greg Wise, then Jayde Adams, and now Eddie Kadi. Is this due to her celebrity partners or her abilities as a teacher and choreographer? It’s likely a combination of both. While she is a beloved member of the Strictly family, Karen hopes for a more successful partner next year.

Eddie Kadi and Karen Hauer.

Comedian Eddie Kadi has had a tumultuous journey on the contest. Just two weeks ago, he received the first perfect score of the year – although it was a mistake from head judge Shirley Ballas – but since then, he has been in two dance-offs and was ultimately eliminated. The samba, known as the “dance of death” on Strictly, has now taken its second casualty of the season.

That surprise 34-point streetdance aside, Eddie’s scores had become stuck in the early 20s. In a high-class field who are clocking up 8s, 9s and the odd 10, that’s relegation form. Shirley was reduced to complimenting his smile in slightly patronising style.

However, he has the right to question what could have happened. He is a better dancer than Zara McDermott, who continues to appear hesitant and uncertain even after a month of participating in the competition.

Eddie’s dance routines ultimately lacked variety, as they consistently focused on hip movements, musicality, and performance rather than proper technique. The judges grew tired of this and Eddie’s lack of fame made it difficult for him to gain enough public support. Despite this, he has been a charming presence and has not damaged his reputation in the past five weeks. Keep it up, Eddie.

Eddie Kadi says his goodbyes.

Annabel Croft had a tense evening, particularly due to her performance in the Charleston dance. Despite her grace and skill, she received a low score and made several mistakes. However, her former career as a tennis player has earned her enough support from the audience to avoid being in the bottom two based on their votes.

It probably didn’t hurt that she’s paired with much-loved pro Johannes Radebe. However, Annabel needs to raise her glittery game next week. In a high-quality field, anyone who scores sub-30 points will be in danger from now on.

Angela Scanlon narrowly avoided a difficult situation, receiving the same score as Zara McDermott. Despite her impressive performance of the Charleston during Movie Week, Angela’s score has remained at 28 points. It is now important for her to focus on perfecting the technical aspects of her routines.

The K-team finishes their final dance around the ballroom to the song “What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted?” by Jimmy Ruffin, and as the credits appear, their fellow cast members come together to offer support. Please continue watching for analysis and responses.

Eddie Kadi and Karen Hauer’s last dance.

Karen Hauer, his dance partner, responds with equal admiration: “You are a treasure. I will miss you. We should try Congolese dancing together. Thank you for being so upbeat and spreading joy. You have been a shining example to us all. You are an incredible person.” Well put, Hotlips.

Eddie Kadi and Karen Hauer.

Source: theguardian.com