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The Labour party has selected a Gogglebox star to compete against the deputy PM during the next general election.
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The Labour party has selected a Gogglebox star to compete against the deputy PM during the next general election.

The Labour party has chosen a previous cast member of Gogglebox to run against the current deputy prime minister in the upcoming general election.

Josh Tapper, who featured on the program from 2013 to 2018 with his family members Jonathan, Nikki, and Amy, will be competing against Oliver Dowden for the Hertfordshire seat of Hertsmere. He aims to surpass Dowden’s 21,313 majority.

Tapper, formerly known as a user on Twitter, commented, “The efforts to remove the deputy prime minister will begin now!”

I am extremely pleased and grateful to have been chosen as the Labour representative for Hertsmere.

I am grateful for the support of our local members – I promise not to disappoint you.

When Tapper was 15 years old, he began filming for Gogglebox. Once he left the show, he expressed that it felt like he was leading two separate lives. He found it thrilling since he and his sister, Amy, were still attending school.

The experience was extremely surreal. We would attend an awards ceremony and then the next day, we would be back at school.

The Tapper family in Gogglebox season 4.

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After departing from the show, Tapper states that they have held positions in the government and served as a volunteer for organizations that support cancer patients and provide food to those in need. They have also taken on the role of a trustee for a charity dedicated to addressing homelessness.

In the 2022 local council elections, he ran as a Labour candidate, but narrowly lost the opportunity to represent Edgwarebury, north London by a margin of 43 votes.

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Another Gogglebox cast member, the late Andy Michael, was also chosen as a potential candidate for Parliament. In 2015, he ran for Ukip in the general election, but he passed away in 2021.

He was required to step down from his role in the Channel 4 show after announcing his candidacy for a political party, as confirmed by the network stating: “Unfortunately, any cast member of Gogglebox who decides to run for a political party will no longer be able to continue on the show.”

Unfortunately, Michael was unsuccessful in his attempt to secure the MP position for the Hastings and Rye seat. He then went on to reappear on the Channel 4 show.

Source: theguardian.com