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The finale of the second season of Traitors is airing live.
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The finale of the second season of Traitors is airing live.

The two youngsters are the only survivors. Mollie discloses that she is a loyal member. Prepare yourselves.

He discloses that he is loyal to his beliefs. Mollie appears disappointed.

Mollie is responsible for all the votes and she chooses Jaz. She has too much faith in Harry. Oh Mollie.

Jaz chooses Harry as their preferred option.

Harry chooses Jaz as his preferred candidate and incorrectly spells their name, adding insult to injury.

Mollie’s vote is undecided and she inquires about the possibility of altering it. The situation is filled with turmoil and is nearly unbearable. She remains uncertain. Has she ultimately reverted back to her original decision? What is causing all this confusion?

Mollie becomes unsteady and starts to cry. Let’s go, Mol the gangster.

He is only self-assured when he is with Mollie. He mentions the Traitors vs Traitors trend. Harry boasts, “He was simply upset because he mentioned yourself.” It’s good to have one final mention of “yourself” in there.

Jaz’s fiery hue is… crimson! Unexpected turn of events. Affirmative, JAZATHA.

Harry’s fire is green! Let the game conclude, clearly. As cunning as a fox named Mad Fox McSly.

Mollie’s passion burns with the color green! Let’s finish the game. She believes there was just one betrayer and they have now uncovered their identity.

Have they returned to their pyro-pouches? Do they truly believe they are all Faithful or is there still a Traitor among them?

He confesses to being a traitor without any compensation. He’s too much of a gentleman for such actions.

Mollie chose to eliminate Andrew. Andrew chose to eliminate Harry. Harry chose to eliminate Andrew. Jaz voted to eliminate Andrew. Oh no! Jazatha Christie has chickened out.

Harry has picked… the color red! He says, “That was a bit unexpected.”

Andrew has selected… the color red! Exile once more! “I strongly believe that Harry has been a significant betrayer from the beginning,” he suddenly declares. Absolutely, my friend.

Mollie has selected the color red! She wants to eliminate any doubt or uncertainty. Well done, Moll.

Jazatha has chosen the color red. Let it be banished once more! Yes, Jazatha.

Source: theguardian.com