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The Crown’s Top Seven Streaming Picks for the Week Recommended by Reacher

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The popular ex-military character created by Lee Child returns in a TV series, proving to be more captivating than the movie adaptations. The physically imposing Alan Ritchson, whose acting career relies heavily on his dedication to the gym, continues to be a surprisingly charming protagonist, blending brutishness with clever humor. When we catch up with him, he is negotiating in a second-hand store, essentially living as a tough vagabond. However, trouble arises when he discovers that former members of his unit are being systematically killed. Reacher reunites with Karla Dixon (Serinda Swan) and David O’Donnell (Shaun Sipos) to use a combination of investigative skills and exaggerated violence to track down the murderers.
Prime Video, from Friday

The Crown

Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey in The Crown.

Peter Morgan’s dramatic and intense series about the royal family comes to a close with this last set of episodes. While some criticisms of season six may seem unjustified, it is common for scripted shows to take creative liberties with factual events, which The Crown has done throughout its run. However, some complaints do hold weight (such as the portrayal of Princess Diana’s ghost and Prince William’s moodiness while listening to Radiohead at Balmoral). It is evident that the show’s standards have lowered, but as the royal family attempts to regain its public image after a significant loss, it is likely that viewers will be eagerly watching.
Netflix, from Thursday

Los Farad

Miguel Herrán in Los Farad.

The catalyst for this exaggerated and somewhat unrealistic thriller is a heated argument and a violent altercation involving a couple. This reveals that Oskar, a fitness instructor in Madrid, is not unfamiliar with aggressive behavior. However, his involvement with the Farad family proves to be more than he can handle. Oskar is seeking to grow his fitness business, so an offer to visit their luxurious Marbella mansion appears to be a stroke of luck. But as he delves deeper, he discovers the illegal origins of their fortune and becomes entangled in the dangerous world of arms dealing. Oh dear.
, July 17

Starting on Tuesday, July 17th, Prime Video will be available.

Something Undone

Madison Walsh.

There is something uncanny about the work of the foley artist, whose job is to establish a soundbed for drama using any props necessary. This creepy drama stars Madison Walsh as Jo, who creates sound effects for a true-crime podcast hosted by her partner Farid (Michael Musi). While Farid is exploring a gruesome murder, Madison is isolated in her deceased mother’s home, readying it for sale. But the disturbing sounds she hears aren’t exclusively created by her. Soon, both are discovering grim parallel secrets that threaten to destroy their relationship.
ITVX, from Thursday

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Carol & the End of the World

​Carol & The End of The World.

How would you respond to an upcoming apocalypse? The protagonist of this new adult animated show, created by Dan Guterman from Community and Rick & Morty, is preparing for death in the same manner as she has lived. As a reserved and introverted individual, she remains separate from the now hedonistic crowds and continues with her usual routine. The show is clever and insightful in its melancholic approach, delving into the concept of happiness, the various paths people take to achieve it, and our perceptions of those with differing views on what it entails. Martha Kelly (from Euphoria) plays the role of Carol.
Netflix, from Friday

The Serial Killer’s Wife

Annabel Scholey and Jack Farthing in the Serial Killer’s Wife.

The suburban setting turns into a nightmare for Beth Fairchild (played by Annabel Scholey) as her carefully planned surprise birthday party for her husband Tom (portrayed by Jack Farthing) goes awry. Initially, it appears to be a misguided prank when the police show up to arrest Tom in front of their neighbors – a couple that is seemingly living in bliss. However, as disturbing truths about Tom come to light, Beth’s strong defense of her husband starts to weaken and she becomes more uncertain. Based on Alice Hunter’s novel, this film is a delightfully exaggerated melodrama.
Paramount+, from Friday

Icons Unearthed: Marvel

Rob Weiner in Icons Unearthed: Marvel.

This next installment of an in-depth exploration into popular film and TV organizations looks at a franchise that has become synonymous with the streaming age due to its ability to constantly evolve and expand. How did the expansive Marvel multiverse come together? While the comics are the starting point, Brian Volk-Weiss’s series focuses on the on-screen adaptations, culminating with The Avengers movie, to delve into the origins and development of each character as their own distinct creative and storytelling entity.
12:00 PM until Sunday 11:59 PM

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