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"The Brothers Sun: Seven of the Top Streaming Shows This Week"
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“The Brothers Sun: Seven of the Top Streaming Shows This Week”

Pick of the week

Fool Me Once

Once Maya receives a secret nanny-cam from a friend who is a former soldier, you can sense the direction of this Harlan Coben thriller adaptation. Maya (played by Michelle Keegan) is recently widowed after her husband Joe was brutally killed two weeks earlier. However, when she checks the nanny-cam that was set up to monitor her baby, she sees Joe playing with their daughter as if nothing has happened. As the plot unfolds, Maya is attacked by her nanny and manipulated by her friends. The only person who seems to believe her is detective Sami (Adeel Akhtar), who is also dealing with his own personal struggles. Soon, disturbing revelations about Joe’s past come to light. This adaptation lacks subtlety.
through New Year’s Eve, will post an image every hour on Instagram to give followers a sneak peek at their upcoming releases

Throughout the entire year, from January 1st to December 31st, Netflix will regularly share pictures on Instagram to provide a preview of their upcoming content to their followers.

The Brothers Sun

From left: Joon Lee as TK and Sam Song Li as Bruce in The Brothers Sun.

“Which sibling do you identify as? The perpetrator? Or the foolish one?” When the leader of a notorious Taiwanese gang is killed, his oldest son Charles (portrayed by Justin Chien) travels to Los Angeles to care for his mother Eileen (played by Michelle Yeoh). However, there is another brother (Sam Song Li’s mild-mannered Bruce) who appears to be unaware of his family’s criminal activities. As enemies close in, Bruce’s innocence cannot be maintained and he must confront reality. This comedy-drama features plenty of stylish and stylized violence, balancing the thriller elements with a touch of humor.

On Thursday, January 4, 2018, Netflix will be available.

The Changemakers

The Changemakers.

In the past ten years, we have learned to not have high expectations. However, it is beneficial to start the new year with a positive outlook. This new series comprises of eight episodes and shares seven stories of regular individuals who persevered for change and triumphed against all obstacles. The accounts of the Indigenous people in Ecuador, who devised a plan to safeguard their land from deforestation, and the coalition of Black mothers in the US who refused to accept the continual systemic racism endured by their children, are particularly inspiring.

On January 1st, Paramount+ was launched.

Delicious in Dungeon

Delicious In Dungeon.

Do not go searching for dragons when you are hungry. This is the unusual but strangely endearing (and quite logical) theme of this uniquely relaxed anime adaptation of Kui Ryôko’s manga series. Laios, an adventurer, and his companions Marcille and Chilchuck embark on a mission to save his sister from a dragon. However, they must first eat, and their journey to find food makes up the majority of their adventure as they wander through different dungeons, discovering, preparing, and consuming peculiar meals. This anime is delightfully strange and unlike any other you have watched before.
2018 to Friday 5 January 2018

From January 3rd, 2018 to January 5th, 2018, Netflix will be available.

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Jill Hennessy and Michael Chiklis in episode one, Scott’s Story.

Ten years ago, the BBC aired two seasons of a dark and impressive anthology drama by Jimmy McGovern. The show follows a character as they stand trial, then goes back to explore how they ended up in that position. This American adaptation may not have the same ethical complexity and underdog appeal as the original, but it is still captivating as it reveals the painful and inevitable mistakes made by the defendants. The show features a talented ensemble cast including Michael Chiklis, Rhea Perlman, and Wendell Pierce.
Paramount+, from Thursday 4 January

The Other Fellow

The Other Fellow.

There is a group of men who share the name Bond – a theatre director, a prisoner, a lawyer, and a pilot. They come from different age groups and have different racial backgrounds. However, they are all subjected to countless jokes due to their shared name. This documentary delves into the challenges and joys of carrying such a recognizable name in a world where almost everyone has seen a Bond film. Some of these men have a harder time dealing with the constant reference to the iconic character than others, and there are even support groups for those who struggle.
ITVX, from Thursday 4 January

James May: Our Man in India

James May: Our Man in India.

According to reports, India is known as “the most vibrant country in the world.” From the Taj Mahal to cricket, and from sitars to spicy foods that may cause digestive issues, every cliché is used as the former host of Top Gear explores Japan, Italy, and now India. May is not known as a daring explorer on travel television; instead, he seems overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of India. As he travels from the deserts of Rajasthan to the Himalayan foothills, passing through mangrove forests and religious festivals, his role is to portray the slightly confused Englishman abroad.

Starting Friday, January 5th, Prime Video will be available.

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