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The autobiography of Lisa Marie Presley will be released after her death in the fall of this year.

The autobiography of Lisa Marie Presley will be released after her death in the fall of this year.

Later this year, a memoir written by Lisa Marie Presley in collaboration with her daughter Riley Keough will be released.

The upcoming book, currently without a title, will delve into Lisa Marie’s experiences as the daughter of Elvis. It is set to be published by Pan Macmillan on October 15th. Lisa Marie, who passed away on January 12th of last year, had requested assistance from Keough in completing her memoir. She had previously recorded portions of it on tape.

Based on the publisher’s statement, the memoir is primarily written by Lisa Marie, with Keough providing additional details based on her own recollections. The book will delve into Lisa Marie’s connection with Elvis and her mother Priscilla, as well as her marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage. It will also touch upon the tragedy of her son Benjamin’s suicide in 2020.

Keough stated that only a select few were able to truly know his mother, aside from her being the daughter of Elvis. He expressed gratitude for having the chance to get to know her and acknowledged the honor, though also acknowledged the sadness, of assisting in the creation of her autobiography for release.

Lisa Marie passed away at the age of 54 due to a bowel blockage that resulted from complications from bariatric surgery she underwent several years prior.

According to Sara Cywinski, who is the publishing director at Pan Macmillan, she is pleased that there is a chance for people to witness Lisa Marie’s portrayal of Riley, as well as how those closest to her perceived her. Additionally, this presents an opportunity for future generations to comprehend the intricacies of being a Presley.

A version of the autobiography, narrated by Keough and featuring excerpts of Lisa Marie’s voice, will be published at the same time as the physical copy.

Lisa Marie was the single offspring of Elvis and Priscilla, and she grew up at Graceland. She pursued a career in music and put out three albums: To Whom It May Concern, Now What, and Storm & Grace. Keough, who is 34 years old and the only trustee of Graceland, is an actress who has appeared in various productions such as Daisy Jones & the Six and Zola.

“I am thrilled to now share my mother in her truest and most vulnerable state. My hope is that readers will grow to love her just as much as I do,” stated Keough.

Source: theguardian.com