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Television tonight: Jodie Foster's straightforward detective becomes part of the True Detective series.
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Television tonight: Jodie Foster’s straightforward detective becomes part of the True Detective series.

True Detective: Night Country

10pm, Sky Atlantic

Jodie Foster delivers a stellar performance in the newest season of the popular crime anthology, taking place during Alaska’s extended dark nights. Foster portrays tough detective Liz Danvers, who also happens to be a slightly overwhelmed single stepmother to a teenager. She leads her team, consisting of composed Evangeline Navarro (played by Kali Reis) and eager-to-please rookie Peter Prior (played by Finn Bennett), as they investigate the mysterious vanishing of eight men at a research facility, with only a severed tongue as evidence.

Michael Mosley: Secrets of Your Big Shop

8pm, Channel 4

Can your eating habits be causing you harm? Dr. Michael Mosley visits Birmingham to meet a married couple who struggle with digestive issues and believe they follow a healthy lifestyle – but a surprise encounter at the supermarket reveals otherwise. Additionally, is the younger generation consuming excessive amounts of eggs? Jack Seale investigates.

University Challenge

8.30pm, BBC Two

After narrowly winning a tense tie-break against Trinity College, Cambridge, Manchester University confidently prepares to compete against Birkbeck, University of London, in the quarter-finals. Amol Rajan leads the questioning once more, covering topics such as Krautrock bands, an animated sitcom, French playwrights, and the significance of potatoes in art. Ali Catterall.

Silent Witness

9pm, BBC One

A corpse is discovered along the Thames River, raising suspicions of suicide or potentially more nefarious circumstances. Nikki and Jack are motivated to solve the case quickly with the arrival of DI Warren Bull. In the midst of this, a grumpy professor of criminology becomes involved in a university plot after applying for a higher position.

David Caves and Emilia Fox in Silent Witness.

Reworded: The golden streets of Mumbai.

9pm, BBC Two

“It’s a crazy city … but it makes you believe.” Mumbai’s wealthiest continue to invite the cameras into their lives, starting with billionaire entrepreneur Anupam Mittal – an investor on India’s version of Dragon’s Den. We also meet a couple planning a £30,000 wedding and a flight attendant hoping to become a reality TV star. HR

“Love Island: All Stars” is the title of the show.

9pm, ITV1

Maya Jama is hosting a unique version of a reality dating show as a last-ditch effort to boost dwindling ratings from previous seasons. This special edition brings together well-known contestants, whose identities will be revealed on the show’s premiere, and places them in a villa in South Africa.

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