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Television programming for the evening: A thrilling and dramatic conclusion for actress Vicky McClure in the show Trigger Point.
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Television programming for the evening: A thrilling and dramatic conclusion for actress Vicky McClure in the show Trigger Point.

Trigger Point

9pm, ITV1

As the final episode unfolds, tension rises when Lana, a bomb disposal expert played by Vicky McClure, realizes she is being used by the terrorists for their next attack. With justice on the line, a difficult decision must be made: prioritize saving as many lives as possible, or only those she cares about most. “You have to make a choice.” – Ali Catterall

Frankenstein: The Read With Alex Kingston

7.55pm, BBC Four

Alex Kingston gives a powerful solo performance in this rendition of Mary Shelley’s dark and eerie classic, Frankenstein. From old, book-filled libraries to dreary courtyards, Kingston breathes new life into the chilling story of a scientist who becomes obsessed with bringing the dead back to life. Phil Harrison

Call the Midwife

8pm, BBC One

The approaching Bonfire night in the Poplar neighborhood will feature both fireworks and emotional outbursts as it is also the season finale. Miss Higgins, who is proper and uptight, is confronted with secrets from her past. Trixie, who has been under a lot of pressure lately, is on the verge of losing control. On a more positive note, the competition for mother of the year is in progress with the grand prize being a top-of-the-line washing machine. Graeme Virtue.

Secret World of Sound With David Attenborough

8pm, Sky Nature

This immaculately recorded series exploring the unique sounds of nature is a sensory delight. The odd selection of noises in this episode revolve around attracting mates and repelling rivals. These include the clattering antlers of rutting stags, the peculiar droning noise emitted by midshipman fish in romantic moments and, most bizarrely of all, the sharp-tailed grouse which, via foot-stamping and feather-rustling, constructs polyrhythmic symphonies. PH

Death in Paradise

9pm, BBC One

Jocelyn is given a thrilling opportunity, but how will it impact the career of her older brother Marlon (Tahj Miles) in the island’s police force? Despite this, Marlon is suddenly summoned to a murder investigation where the sole witness is a parrot. In the meantime, should Neville (Ralf Little) finally confess to being deceived online? Ellen E Jones

The Dry

10.15pm, ITV1

These are the last two episodes of an expertly crafted show about a woman overcoming her struggles with alcoholism and reconnecting with her family in Dublin. It beautifully portrays the bittersweet dynamics of family life, with a particular standout moment being a hilariously awkward encounter where Tom sets up a date for Max on behalf of Ant. PH

Film choice

True Things, 10.45pm, BBC Two

Ruth Wilson in True Things on BBC Two.View image in fullscreen

Despite the fun factor of erotic thrillers, it’s unfortunate that until recently, none of them were set in Ramsgate. However, this has changed with True Things, a film where Ruth Wilson, a bored employee at a benefits office, becomes entranced by Tom Burke’s enigmatic character. As her fascination turns to obsession, Wilson’s mental state deteriorates with each rendezvous. While it may seem odd to see Wilson’s shining movie star aura attempt to portray an ordinary person (even a sandwich from the supermarket can’t diminish her allure), the movie delves into the carnal inclinations of women. Written by Stuart Heritage.

Live sport

The Arsenal and Tottenham women’s football teams will face off in a London derby at Emirates Stadium, airing at 12:15pm on BBC Two. Later on Sky Sports Main Event, there will be a match between Leicester and Chelsea at 6pm.

The English Premier League match between Manchester City and Manchester United will be aired on Sky Sports Main Event at 3pm, following the earlier game between Burnley and Bournemouth at 1pm.

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