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Some of the top podcasts this week include a look into the most significant crime busts ever conducted by the Metropolitan Police.
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Some of the top podcasts this week include a look into the most significant crime busts ever conducted by the Metropolitan Police.

Picks of the week

Football’s Greatest

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Is Ian Wright considered a superior football player compared to Alan Shearer? How do athletes communicate with international teams who are only familiar with the phrase “Bobby Charlton”? Jeff Stelling leads the discussion on these topics, joined by guests like Paul Merson, Glenn Hoddle, and Sir Geoff Hurst. In the premiere episode, Stelling is joined by his Soccer Saturday co-host Chris Kamara, reminiscing about various memorable moments, including the origin of the famous “Unbelievable, Jeff!” catchphrase. Hannah Verdier

Blindspot: The Plague in the Shadows

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The podcast focuses on the early years of the HIV epidemic in New York, highlighting the prevalence of misinformation and mistakes. WNYC’s Kai Wright, who reported from the frontlines in 1996, speaks candidly about the denial of healthcare to those affected. The podcast features interviews with Dr. Anthony Fauci and activists from the 1980s. HV

Supporters of Donald Trump storm the US Capitol on 6 January 2021.

Catching the Kingpins

New episodes of BBC Sounds are released on a weekly basis.

This six-episode podcast delves into the Met Police’s largest bust of organized crime, filled with tales of drug trafficking, corruption, and secret phone networks. Host Mobeen Azhar uncovers the shocking details as he speaks with the officers who successfully infiltrated the inner workings of the criminal underworld. HVFN

Less and Better

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Can consuming top-notch meat in smaller portions be more beneficial for your health? In the midst of the current trend towards veganism and intense focus on wellness, Katie Revell and Olivia Oldham delve into the world of raising and butchering animals, examining how personal background and upbringing affect dietary preferences and whether obtaining high-quality meat is within reach. HV

On January 6th, the United States celebrates “January 6th: An American Story.”
January 6th is a day of celebration in the United States known as “January 6th: An American Story.”

Easily accessible, new episodes released every week.

Three years have passed since the US Capitol attack and with Donald Trump likely to become the next Republican nominee, Our Body Politics has released a thought-provoking series highlighting the contributions of people of color in the January 6th committee investigation. These individuals share their perspectives on why they chose to defend a country that doesn’t always defend them. – Hollie Richardson

There is a podcast available for that.

Oprah Winfrey speaks during Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour.

This week, Rachel Aroesti selects five top podcasts that share real-life tales, including a recount of LGBTQ+ icons and the incredible journey of Oprah Winfrey.

Lives Less Ordinary

This captivating series from the BBC World Service delves into the remarkable stories of human resilience and determination. Prepare to be amazed by the journey of Tariq Mehmood, one of the Bradford 12, who refused to back down against skinhead violence and went on to become a successful novelist. Jaivet Ealom’s escape from an inhumane immigration detention center in Papua New Guinea using his expertise from the TV show Prison Break will leave you in awe. And at only 13 years old, Laura Dekker’s decision to sail around the world solo (against the concerns of Dutch authorities) showcases her incredible courage.

Making Gay History

Eric Marcus, a journalist, became a prominent recorder of 20th century gay culture with his acclaimed book Making History in 1992. In his emotional podcast, he has gone back to his extensive collection of interviews to let influential individuals in the LGBT rights movement share their own personal narratives. Listen to notable figures such as pioneering transgender activist Sylvia Rivera, playwright Larry Kramer, and TV personality Ellen DeGeneres, as well as lesser-known individuals whose advocacy has created a more accepting environment for queer individuals.

Diary of a CEO

Having a lot of money doesn’t guarantee happiness, and being wealthy doesn’t automatically make you an inspiring role model. However, entrepreneur Steven Bartlett’s popular interview podcast serves as a source of motivation for many. Since 2017, Bartlett has been interviewing successful business leaders about their upbringing, work ethics, and personal philosophies, uncovering valuable and transformative advice for his audience. Recently, he has also featured well-known celebrities like Davina McCall, Maisie Williams, Liam Payne, and Jesse Lingard.

The Hidden Heroes of History

This exciting podcast, narrated by Helena Bonham Carter, revisits the remarkable acts of bravery and determination that took place during World War II. It covers the daring escape of tireless spy Virginia Hall, as well as Surrey bank clerk Eric Roberts’ search for Nazi sympathizers. Along with espionage stories, the podcast also features the artistic resistance of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, and the groundbreaking feminism of Major Charity Adams, the first black officer in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps.

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Making Oprah

Flattering interviews and revealing autobiographies can only provide limited insight into the highly influential individuals who have shaped our society. To truly understand these figures, incisive journalistic investigation is necessary to connect the dots. This podcast, hosted by radio personality Jenn White with just the right amount of playful energy, accomplishes just that. It takes listeners on a smart and delightfully entertaining journey through the rise of America’s talk show icon, exploring her remarkable path from a Baltimore TV host to a powerful media mogul. The podcast also attempts to uncover the secrets behind how she captured the hearts and minds of an entire nation.

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  • Review the popular parenting comedy podcast, Parenting Is a Joke, which delves into the laughter and constant disorder of raising children and has won multiple awards.

  • Explore the world of politics and economics in the United Kingdom with the podcast Political Currency, featuring hosts George Osborne and Ed Balls.

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