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“Robbie Williams has curated a list of the seven best shows to stream this week, as if he were Agent 007.”

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Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams compares his feelings to that of a child talking to his mother as he listens to an old phone conversation with Nicole Appleton during his time recording in Jamaica. It is astonishing how frequently Williams appears vulnerable, dependent, and strangely desolate, even at the peak of his commercial success. In this captivating documentary series, Williams reflects on footage from his life in the limelight – revealing both the good and the bad, including experiences in a boyband, his relationship with Gary Barlow, causing controversy at Glastonbury, dealing with the intrusive British media, and much more. While a must-watch for fans, the show also offers a universal perspective on the trajectory of fame and its impact from within.

On November 8th, 2017, Netflix will be available.

007: Road to a Million

Brian Cox hosts 007: Road to a Million.

Contestants in this adventure show travel from the Scottish Highlands to Venice, then to the Caribbean and South America, where they face challenges that test their knowledge, courage, and creativity. The Controller, played by Brian Cox, supervises their tasks from a distance. Among the contestants are two sisters who playfully argue and two brothers from south London who refer to a mountain range as “naughty”. It’s unclear how this show relates to the James Bond universe, but it’s essentially like Race Across the World with less charm and a larger budget. The final pair remaining wins a cash prize of £1 million.

On Friday, November 10th, the video streaming service Prime Video will be available.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves

David Oyelowo as Bass Reeves and Shea Whigham as George Reeves in Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

Bass Reeves was born a slave, but he eventually became one of the first Black US marshals. His life story is perfect for a serial adaptation. In this portrayal, David Oyelowo plays Reeves as a strong and silent man. Given his race, job, and the time period he lived in, it’s difficult to imagine him being anything else. The film is a well-crafted, classic Western that follows a man navigating the gray area between lawlessness and law enforcement, often struggling with the conflicting ideals. Donald Sutherland and Dennis Quaid also have roles in the film.

Starting on Sunday, November 5th, Paramount+ will be available.

The Buccaneers

Kristine Frøseth, Alisha Boe, Josie Totah, Aubri Ibrag and Imogen Waterhouse in The Buccaneers.

Based on an incomplete book by Edith Wharton, this play has a strong resemblance to Apple’s effort to capitalize on the perfect timing between Bridgerton seasons, blending contemporary attitudes with extravagant historical charm. Taking place in the late 1800s, the buccaneers in question are a lively and outgoing group of American girls who are suddenly thrown into London’s stuffy high society. As expected, the older women are scandalized by their behavior while the young English gentlemen are left red-faced and flustered.

Starting on November 8th, 2019, Apple TV+ will be available.


From left: Tara Abboud, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Gemma Arterton and Kirby Howell-Baptiste in Culprits.

Culprits is a unique heist thriller that follows a group of criminals after a successful job. However, they soon realize that their job is not yet complete as they are being hunted down by an assassin. The group’s leader, Joe (played by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), is the first to notice the danger and they must now do one last job in order to survive. This twisty and entertaining film features a talented cast including Gemma Arterton, Eddie Izzard, and Niamh Algar.

Starting Wednesday, November 8th, Disney+ will be available.

Escaping Twin Flames

Escaping Twin Flames.

Cults make good raw material for documentaries. So much so that this particular cult was also explored in a very recent Prime Video series. Jeff and Shaleia Ayan’s online community traded in the most alluring dream of all: finding a soulmate. However, while their Twin Flames Universe began promising harmony, it soon became a grim story of gaslighting, exploitation and coercion. This series digs into the psychology of cult leaders and cult members alike, and follows people trying to rescue their loved ones from Jeff and Shaleia’s clutches.

On Wednesday, November 8th, Netflix will be available.

The Great Erection Deception: The Stiff Nights Story

Kelly Harvey in The Great Erection Deception: The Stiff Nights Story.

A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a person who follows a plant-based diet joined forces to develop a sexual enhancement product. While it may seem like the setup for a corny joke, it is actually the focus of a documentary about a pill named Stiff Nights that gained popularity in the United States. Despite claims that the pill was made from natural ingredients, it was later revealed to contain sildenafil, the generic name for Viagra. The company, run by someone using the alias Erb Avore, became the target of a police inquiry. The situation continued to become more bizarre.

The program ITVX will be airing on Thursday, November 9th, 2017.

Source: theguardian.com