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Review of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III – Exciting multiplayer battles revitalize a stale format.


As the Call of Duty series reaches its 20th anniversary, it has always been a game with two distinct parts. The first part involves experiencing a cinematic journey through a series of chapters, taking on the role of an action hero and facing various challenges along the way. The second part is more like a sport, where players engage in competitive matches as either a team or individuals, aiming to be the top scorer by using various weapons and strategies.

The basis of Modern Warfare III is an expansion of the original format. However, it falls short in terms of the campaign, which consists of unimpressive missions that were rushed due to time constraints. The game was initially supposed to take place in Mexico, but Activision executives reportedly instructed the development team to change the setting and branding. On the other hand, the multiplayer modes offer a different experience, with popular maps from previous games making a return, new locations being introduced, and improvements to character movement. Additionally, a revamped weapon attachment system allows players to customize their tools to fit their preferred play style.

The game is undeniably smooth and quick-moving, a playful contrast to the serious war simulations that attract more straightforward players. You run and slide, jumping over obstacles, breaking through glass windows, quickly getting back into the action after being shot down. MWIII reintroduces “slide-cancelling”, allowing you to immediately stand back up while sliding, adding a fresh energy and swiftness to matches.

It is challenging to determine the exact point where MWIII begins and its previous versions end. In recent times, the franchise has undergone a gradual transformation into a live service game with frequent updates. Similar to last month, players still access Call of Duty HQ and choose from a variety of competitive and cooperative game modes to fit their preferences. The traditional boxed release may seem outdated, serving more as a marketing strategy than a meaningful progression, with the intention of generating additional profits through season passes, digital outfits, and weapon skins for dedicated players.

However, the maps in MWIII, including the beloved ones that have returned, almost make the cost worth it. A intense sniper duel on a snowy train station; a chaotic fight to capture a checkpoint in a vibrant South American favela; a three-team, one-life skirmish around a dusty oil rig: these are continuously entertaining battlegrounds and the game effectively pairs you with players of similar skills to motivate improvement without discouraging you.

For players who prefer working together, MWIII’s standout mode is Zombies. It’s a major and impressive revamp of last year’s tentative DMZ mode. In this mode, a team of three is dropped into a city to scavenge for materials, upgrade their weapons, and fight zombies. The goal is to leave the map with all the loot before the timer runs out. As the team progresses further into the city, the challenge and rewards increase. A skilled group will navigate the ruined city as a cohesive unit, completing small missions and gradually improving their offensive and defensive abilities. They may also encounter other teams of players trying to do the same. It’s incredibly enjoyable and effectively brings DMZ’s potential to life by transporting it to the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us.

Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Warzone, the popular battle royale feature in Call of Duty, has not yet been incorporated into MWIII. However, players currently have the option to participate in War Mode, where two teams of six compete on a large map. One team must defend against the other, who must complete objectives and cross thresholds to push the frontline further into enemy territory. This involves escorting a tank through streets and gaining access to a missile bunker to prevent a launch by uploading codes. The gameplay is similar to rugby or American football, where success is determined by progress rather than kills.

Assessing a Call of Duty game in today’s world is comparable to evaluating a military-themed amusement park. It is difficult to give a complete evaluation due to its various components. Some may enjoy the rollercoasters, while others may find the ferris wheel boring and the hotdogs delicious. However, the game’s connections to the US military-industrial complex are concerning. Nonetheless, the game offers a wide range of options and caters to different play styles, which is commendable. It is a challenging task for developers to integrate an annual series into a persistent online platform while balancing the past and future of video game technology. Despite these challenges, MWIII is a commendable achievement in terms of engineering and design, aside from its campaign mode.

  • The latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare III, is now available for purchase starting at £59.99.

Source: theguardian.com