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Review of the audiobook None of This Is True by Lisa Jewell - questioning the identity of the narrator.

Review of the audiobook None of This Is True by Lisa Jewell – questioning the identity of the narrator.


In this expertly crafted and captivating thriller, two women from different backgrounds cross paths when they both happen to be celebrating their birthdays at a pub in London. Alix Summer is a 45-year-old journalist with a popular podcast, living in a chic townhouse with a built-in recording studio. Josie Fair is a wife and mother, residing in a small apartment with her much older husband, Walter, who has reluctantly taken her out for a birthday dinner. After discovering that they share not only the same age but also were born in the same hospital, Alix and Josie form a friendship, with Alix inviting Josie to be a guest on her podcast. Through hours of conversations, Josie reveals a disturbing story of how she ended up married to Walter.

Nicola Walker and Louise Brealey portray the characters of Alix and Josie, respectively. Brealey brings a touch of peculiarity to Josie, whose infatuation with her new friend’s seemingly perfect life borders on obsession. After their initial encounter, Josie is consumed by a feeling of sorrow that has plagued her for most of her existence. She realizes that everything about her is flawed and time is running out to fix it. Walker captures Alix’s growing unease with Josie’s behavior and the inconsistencies in her story. As the situation becomes more sinister, Josie shows up at Alix’s doorstep battered and bruised, calling into question the truth and who is manipulating whom.

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The audiobook version of None of This Is True can be found on Penguin Audio, with a runtime of 10 hours and 14 minutes.

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