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Review for the sequel to Dragon's Dogma - a medieval fantasy game filled with chaos and excitement.
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Review for the sequel to Dragon’s Dogma – a medieval fantasy game filled with chaos and excitement.


I would like to introduce you to my pawn, Bowie. As his name implies, he is a stunning, fair-skinned, and slender spellcaster who loves wearing dramatic makeup and has fiery red hair. He hails from another dimension and his main task is to assist me in my adventures as the Arisen, the chosen leader of this kingdom’s destiny, a title I inherited after a dragon ambushed and devoured my heart.

Bowie is not particularly proficient at fulfilling his duties. He has a tendency to neglect healing me when we encounter harpies, goblins, or ogres while exploring the wilderness, leaving me to frantically call for assistance as I am attacked by a minotaur. Whenever he ventures to different realms, he returns with gloomy accounts of his frequent defeats and harsh treatment at the hands of other warriors. However, I still hold affection for Bowie because he is my trusted companion. Despite his deficiencies, we have shared some unforgettable adventures.

The second installment of Dragon’s Dogma solidifies itself as a top adventure game, despite its less-than-perfect aspects. Despite the initial confusion with the interface and controls, pushing through for a few hours will reveal the sprawling city of Vermund and open up new levels and gameplay mechanics for a truly immersive experience.

To sum up this game briefly, it prioritizes enjoyment over practicality. It’s important to understand that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is quite absurd compared to the serious fantasy stories prevalent in the market. It’s chaotic mix of concepts leads to incredibly comedic moments, like pushing a cyclops off a cliff or floating through haunted castles while being chased by skeletons. There’s also the possibility of accidentally killing your significant other with a wild sword swing and reviving them with a magical stone later. Unless you have played the previous installment, Dragon’s Dogma, 12 years ago, this game will be unlike anything you have experienced.

Honestly, I was always unsure of what would come next, and I can’t say for certain if some of my bolder actions were intentional or just unusual glitches. One day, as I was updating my weapons and armor in Vermund’s town square, I suddenly noticed a troll in the midst of the bustling crowd, causing quite a stir among the townsfolk. In an intense battle, I defeated the beast and unintentionally caused damage to numerous market stalls. And yet, everyone simply carried on with their day as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. Was that troll meant to be there? I have no clue, but it made for a great tale.

When it comes to the story, that’s not what interests me in this game. It has a medieval-style fantasy setting with numerous characters, and my main goal is to overthrow the queen and her fake ruler, and reclaim my rightful position as the chosen Arisen on the throne. The characters speak with dramatic and vague medieval English phrasing (“what must be done, Arisen?”). The word “aught” is used to mean everything, something, or nothing at all. So far, I have paid little attention to the plot and instead spent a lot of time venturing outside of town with my sword, following the road wherever it leads and taking on various quests along the way.

The environment is dangerous. Being near water is risky as the Brine, deadly tentacles, are present. With limited visibility at night, dangerous creatures like Griffins and dragons roam freely. It is wise to know when to flee rather than confront them as they are nearly invincible. Remember to pack lantern oil, healing items, and a camping supplies for survival at night.

The main focus of the game is its combat system. No matter which character type you choose – warrior, spear-mage, thief, archer, or wizard – you must work alongside your team of hired pawns in intense and perilous battles that resemble those in Monster Hunter or Bloodborne. You have the freedom to switch between professions, allowing you to try your hand at archery or spellcasting whenever you please if close combat becomes monotonous. As you become proficient in each profession, you unlock a vast array of abilities that constantly keep the fighting entertaining.

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Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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The unpredictability of Dragon’s Dogma’s world and enemies, combined with the wide range of fighting styles, can lead to inconsistent and unfair situations. However, the presence of your team of pawns helps to balance this out and make combat much easier. These pawns serve as companions and can offset any weaknesses your player character may have. Despite their occasional sass, I have a fondness for the pawns. They have varying personalities – from dopes to heroes to jesters to saviours – and their constant narration adds depth to the game. Although I must admit, their repeated phrases such as “that ladder looks sturdy enough to climb!” can become irritating.

If this review seems disorderly, it accurately portrays the game. It is a chaotic, enjoyable, and fantasy-filled experience that I thoroughly enjoy. Prior to writing this, I had left my main character, the Arisen, and her charmingly incompetent pawn in an ancient battlefield being guarded by a dragon. We fired some ballista bolts at the dragon, but it retaliated by crushing the ballista with its claw. This made me realize that we were at a disadvantage and we quickly fled to some nearby ruins for cover. However, our hiding spot turned out to be a bad choice as it was infested with skeletal warriors. I am unsure of how we will escape from this predicament, but I am confident that it will make for an exciting adventure.

  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 will be released on March 22nd at a price of £59.99.

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